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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 5 | Issue 46 | July 17, 2011 |


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Campus Trends

'Handy' accessories

Naziba Basher

There are so many things to turn to when life gets hectic for one. As we try to move onto cherishing our best memories while trying to forget the past, we try to keep ourselves busy with one thing or the other. One of the things that we commonly engage ourselves with (which also makes us pretty happy, bold and confident) is fashion. We all love to look fashionable at some point or the other, no matter how much one may deny it. And most fashionable items or accessories have certain strings as well attached to them. After some hectic classes and rides to and from university through out the week, students find themselves free of thought during weekends and that is when hangouts with ones best friends and fashion come hand in hand.

Some wristbands have attractive images printed on them, Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Girls and boys can both wear wristbands with any outfit, Photo: Zahedul I Khan

Fashion has been changing throughout centuries and decades as kids all over the world turn to new things almost every year. And the latest trend in line (and has been for several years now) is fashionable wristbands. They are colourful, spunky and some even carry a message for us around. These fashion wristbands come in many varieties. They vary in size, colours, designs, materials used to make them, messages imprinted upon them and more. Though, originally they were introduced only as fashionable accessories, they have already caught the hearts of many.

These rubber bracelets have found uses in several spheres and they have already aided a lot for many causes. They are very widely used to spread the word. And wristbands can also say a lot about ones personality.

A lot of accessories and use of colour can describe a little about ones personality. You can get colours that you think may suit your personality. The more of the quiet and shy kind of people can wear cool and calm colours like blue and white. People who have a lot of spunk can wear brave colours like lots of yellows, oranges and reds. One can find several different kinds of wristbands, pretty much any kind he/she may like, in lots of different stores all around Dhaka City- malls, markets, you name it! New Market, Mouchak Market, DCC Market in Gulshan 2, and other malls around Dhanmondi will give one a wide range of rubber wristbands of different brands, different colours and also spreading different messages all ranging from Tk 30 to Tk 200.

Wristbands have been very 'in' amongst young students worldwide. Photo: Zahedul I Khan

The famous celebrity and athlete Lance Armstrong used the band "LIVESTRONG" to spread fighting spirit and confidence amidst cancer patients as he was one among them who fought it valiantly and bravely and came out to win many endeavors. To spread the message and confidence of Armstrong, "LIVESTRONG" bands are now seen on almost every young student's wrist as they wear it for style and a cause at the same time. Also, the famous red and green wristbands will help one portray his/her love for our country every time they feel patriotic.

Wristbands can be worn by both boys and girls at any occasion, day or time. They add a lot of colour to your attire and also give you a very summer look that is perfect for the weather. They also work as brilliant presents, so the next time you are stuck in the dilemma of choosing the perfect gift, think colours and rubber bands.

So, now you have a brand new addition to your list of summer accessories (if you did not have it already) and be sure to make good use of it. After all, it goes with almost any kind of clothing and you never have to worry about it looking bad!


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