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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 11 | March 18, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

The 'Chaap' Experience
Do it the Mustakim Way!

Salman Rob
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

30 years and going, 'Mustakim er chaap' is very well known for its yummy 'chaaps' (Steak). The stall which was once a single small store now has grown to two big stores. A haven for students, Mustakim er chaap offers a vast range of fried munchies. Other then that, the store has its own phrase, which became so famous that a song was made out of it by few rap artists called, 'Stoic Bliss'.

Chaap being their most famous and regular seller is sold for Tk 40 per plate. And the best thing that goes with it is the 'luchi', which is Tk 2 per piece. Then there is the 'Beef Brain fry' which is a superb side dish that can be taken with the 'chaap'. The crisp on the outside and softness on the inside made taste better than any other time. Brain fry per plate is Tk 50.

A whole meal can be afforded within Tk 60 to Tk 100. That gives you an idea of how crowded that place gets during the evening. All the students are out of their classes and are looking for cheap place to eat and hangout with friends.

Asif Chowdhury, a student of Bachelors of Business and Administration (BBA) from North South University (NSU) and a big fan of 'Mustakim er chaap' shares his views on the store. “From my childhood till now, I lost count on how many memorable moments I have made at Mustakim er chap. My father took me there when I was five years old, and since then I get cravings at one in the morning for those delicious chaaps”, says, Chowdhury. “The place is a perfect spot for university students to grab something quick to eat with your friends. It is cheap, very tasty and their service is really fast”, mentions Chowdhury. He also says how other than him, a lot of university students are always keeping the place fun and happening. “Specially after six pm the place gets extremely crowded and overwhelming, but somehow my friends and I totally blend in with that atmosphere. But I would suggest everyone who goes after six to grab a glass of cold lassi before ordering. With the summer heat so high, a lassi would definitely take that edge off for a while." The lassi costs Tk 25.

Like Chowdhury, there are many other students who tend to go to 'Mustakim er chap' every now and then just to be in that place. And to add the cherry on the icing, the 'paan' store right in front of Mustakim will be the perfect finish to the experience for paan lovers. Even if one is not, he or she should not miss out on the speciality of paan in Bihari camp!


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