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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 40 | October 07, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

La Bamba From Pastry to Kebab!

Salman Rob
Photos: Maruf Ahmed Pantho

When it comes to customer loyalty, everyone who tried La Bamba's 'momo' would have to go back there at least once more before they become a big fan. La Bamba was designed, literally, for their 'fast food'. It is usually filled with university students who are in the mood for delicious burgers, fries, mouth-watering hot dogs, or just some sweet pastries, at the corner of Rajlaxmi Complex, Uttara. La Bamba has reached greater heights with the new expanded kebab stores they have opened up all over Uttara for a variety of customers.

The usual 'sellers' for La Bamba are the momos, sandwiches, pizzas, beef rolls, chicken rolls, and hot dogs, priced between Tk 25 to 120. Fulfilling and delicious at the same time, La Bamba has been providing quality fast food for a very long time. It has been over two decades since the little pastry shop was born.

The regular favourites ordered by the students. Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Sabbir Ahsan, studying in Dhaka Medical College and a regular La Bamba customer says, “La Bamba, as an eatery, has a bond with all the students and graduates living in and around Uttara. Since the 90's, all we had in Uttara was La Bamba and a couple of other restaurants. I can actually say that I literally grew up eating the momo and the pan pizza here.” Ahsan adds, “I have been eating there for over fifteen years now and every weekend I try to drag all my friends to the La Bamba kebab chain. The new kebab chain has dishes like Chicken tikka, faluda, special naan and parata, and the new addition in the pastry section was like a cherry on top!”

The pastry section is filled with yummy munchies for the sweet tooth. Items like the fruit custard, lemon cheese tart, chocolate doughnuts, black forest doughnuts, and chocolate éclairs -- a few of the many delicious pastries at La Bamba, all ranging between Tk 50 to 100. Apart from these delicacies, they also serve Vanilla pastry, Tiramisu pastry, Chocolate pastry, Mango fresh cream pastry, Praline pastry, Swiss roll pastry, Blue berry pastry and so much more! They are priced between Tk 70 to 85.

So if you are ever in the mood to have something sweet along with some fast savoury snacks, La Bamba is the place for you. Grab some friends and have a great time munching away!

The famous 'momo' of La Bamba.

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