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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 40 | October 07, 2012 |


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BRAC University hosts Fall Festival

Syeda Mayesha Azim

BRAC University was adorned with colours to celebrate 'MELA', the club fair on September 27, 2012. BRAC University Heritage Forum (BUHF) organised the club fair and brought all the 40 clubs and forums in harmony for students to have the opportunity to get associated with extended learning of their interest. The freshmen could only get the true essence of the 'MELA' after our respected Vice Chancellor, Professor Ainun Nishat, inaugurated the Club Fair.

The posters with colourful flywheel, for the festival made days for the event, and kept everybody anxious for the big day. When the day arrived, everyone could feel the celebratory vibe around BRAC University with appealing decorations all over, reverberating music, thudding drum beats, clinging of bangles and the aroma of flowers worn by the girls.

Students and volunteers at the BUHF Club Fair 2012. COURTESY: BUHF

Club Fair is organised each semester by the clubs and forums and this semester BRAC University Heritage Forum organised the fair stretching the spirit of harmony throughout BRAC University. All the 40 clubs and forums were waiting with open arms to welcome new members by sharing their experience, activities and future plans with the freshmen. Students got acquainted with the activities of various clubs and forums. So, that they have the opportunity to get involved in their activity of interest (debate, drama, travel, sports, photography, etc). While working in groups with people, students enrich themselves with worthy experiences, connections and also develop the qualities of leadership and socialisation. That is, they get indulged in the extended learning opportunities in the university. After recruitment of new members in all clubs and forums, the BU Cultural Club and, Drama and Theater Forum entertained the crowd with their musical performance.

This festival brought seniors, juniors and faculty members together creating an atmosphere of union, making new comers feel at home in the university. This club fair was different from other club fairs due to the 'MELA' touch; the addition of Mehedi Utsab and face-painting for the first time in club fair amplified the difference and increased the festive mood. Students were delighted to have noodles, nestea and Alooz sponsored by Nestle and Bombay Sweets. After the daylong celebration from 10 am to 7 pm, the Heritage Family expressed, their content with hosting such an eventful day.

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