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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 40 | October 07, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A Romantic Silly Tale

I had a huge crush on one of my classmates when I was in class X. I used to follow her around in everyway possible. One day, I found out that she got admitted into a coaching center near my house. I decided to get admitted into the same coaching center just to be around her. At the same time, I decided to ask her out and let her know about my feelings, even though I heard a rumour from her close friends that she might be having a boy friend. I still decided to go for it. On the auspicious day, I was waiting for her to come down from the 3rd floor of the coaching center. I tried to gather as much courage as possible. When she came down, I confronted her. She asked why I had blocked her path. “I have something to say,” I said. “Then say it,” she replied. I was so nervous that instead of saying “I love you,” I said “I laabuu”. Her friends, who were behind her, started laughing and I was so embarrassed, I didn't know what else to say! I still laugh when I think of that incident.

Nasih Ul Wadud Alam (Paolo)
East West University, Dhaka.

Good Sense of Humour

We were having our Bangladesh Studies class test. I was really good at that particular subject so my friends started fighting over who could sit next to me and copy down the answers. After all the arguments, finally, one of my friends came and sat next to me. Naturally, she was copying down everything I wrote. When our teacher was walking around the room inspecting whether we were cheating or not, she saw my friend peeking at my paper. She came around and asked my friend “Are you cheating?” My friend, who had a good sense of humour, replied, “No madam, I'm just confirming my answers!” At this everyone burst out laughing. I still remember that incident and it makes me laugh out loud every now and then!

Sithi Shayonti Dutta
HURDCO International School,Dhaka.

Pay Attention in Class!

When I was in class IX, Chemistry was added to our curriculum for the first time. Naturally, we couldn't understand anything about this subject. So we didn't try to study this subject at all. As a result, we couldn't answer any question regarding the lessons during the examination. So, one day our lesson was on unit-2, which was about the 'structure of atom'. Our lesson was on the first law discovered by Landolt which is know as 'Bhorer Nittotar Sutro' in Bangla. Here, the scientist used two chemical compounds to prove this law-- AgSO4 and FeSO4. The teacher asked my friend the names of the two compounds. A student, who sat just behind him, whispered to him, very convincingly, that the two compounds were milk and water. My friend bought it and answered the teacher by saying they were milk and water. The whole class burst out laughing! From then on, my friend always tried to pay attention in Chemistry class!

Md Shafiqul Islam
Uttara High School and College, Dhaka.

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