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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 05| February 03, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

Unexpected Reward

A very funny incident had taken place when I was in the 5th grade. Our Vice Principal was a very serious man and very strict about rules. Like many other schools, we had a rule of tying two braids or two ponytails. But many girls, mostly our batch didn't like to follow this rule and we didn't even get into any kind of trouble because of it. One day, our vice principal came to our class room, unannounced; to check our turn out and, as usual, we (most of the girls) didn't tie our hair properly. So our Vice Principal got very angry and ordered us to stand up and yelled at us and also threatened us saying that if he sees us with improper hairstyle one more day, that will be our last day in this school .Our class teacher consoled our vice principal saying that he will take strict action against us.When our vice principal left our class, we looked at our class teacher and waited for our punishment. But our class teacher didn't give us any type of punishment. Instead, he just laughed and asked us to sit back down!

Maisha Ibnat
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka.

Smelly Sneeze

There was this one incident that took place when I was in the fourth grade that was probably the funniest memory I have from school. We were all writing an exam when I suddenly needed to sneeze. Being as gassy as I was since I had breakfast, I knew the consequences of sneezing right then. So I held my sneeze in as long as possible. But within a couple of minutes, I sneezed very loud and with it, came out a very loud fart as well—just what I was afraid of! Before anyone could fully realise what had happened, I turned around and pointed at the boy sitting behind me and started laughing. Soon enough, everyone else thought it was him too and started laughing along with me! Even though it was a horrible thing to do, it was just so hilarious. It still cracks me up from time to time!

Nishat Mehjabeen
BRAC University,

Lyrical Answers

After qualifying for SSC exams, students usually have to give a mock test. The tests don't matter much. When I got qualified and it was time for our mock test, I hadn't studied at all. When we went for the exam, I sat in class and stared at the test paper with the blankest expression ever. I thought of what to write for a very long time and when I couldn't come up with anything, I ended up writing the lyrics of 'Prematal' by Tahsan as the answer to a question! Not only that, I even wrote a friend's name on the paper instead of mine in his absence. When my friend got the paper back from the teacher, not only did he see that the whole paper only had lyrics written on it, but the teacher also took the time out to fix the spelling mistakes I made!

Tousif Farhad
Independent University, Bangladesh,

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