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April 2, 2004

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Mosquitoes at BTV

A couple of days back, I took a trip to Bangladesh Television for a voice recording. To my surprise I found that BTV was totally infested with mosquitoes. Even inside the recording studio, there were hundreds of them around us humming and biting. While practising, I had to hold the script with one hand and with the other, I was beating the air to try and disperse the rowdy bloodsuckers. It was undoubtedly a sight to see. I wonder why the authorities are turning a deaf 'skin' to the issue. Can they not use some form of insect spray, at least inside the recording studio, where one needs a hundred per cent concentration while performing?

Zia Hasan, Noorjahan Road, Mohammadpur

Flying Passenger

It was late at night and I was returning home by bus after work. The road was quiet and the bus was empty, except for only four passengers. Though the driver was driving extremely fast, which would make any formula one driver envious, I was rather enjoying the cool breeze as I was idly looking out of the window. Suddenly the bus made a sharp 'U' turn, which really unbalanced the passengers. I somehow managed to keep my balance but my fellow passenger, seated right next to the bus door (whose seat was not properly fixed to the floor of the bus) almost shat out of the bus door. It was almost as if he was flying. Luckily, the bus conductor was at the gate to prevent him from exiting the bus in such a futuristic manner. I thank that bus conductor because his quick reflex probably saved the life of the unfortunate passenger. I hope that the bus drivers soon come to understand that they are carrying human beings and not cargo behind them. Happy journey!

Mohammed Sohel Hara, Olympia Palace Restaurant 2, Satmasjid Road

"I Got Everything"

A few days ago, my friend and I were walking from Gulshan-2 to a fast food shop close by. Suddenly from nowhere, a guy of about 30 started to shadow us. After walking for sometime, we clearly heard him say, "Lagbe naki kichu, bhai?"(Want something, brother?) I turned but the man pretended that he was talking to himself. We went on walking and after a while, he said something again, "Deshi, bedeshi shob paben amar kache, whisky, vodka, beer." " (I have all types of stuffs both local and foreign.) We finally understood his intention and we quickened our pace and quickly got into the fast food shop. Once inside, we felt relieved. I'm sure this sort of incident is quite frequent in Dhaka but my question to the authorities is that if it is this easy to get these items here, why blame the youth for getting spoiled? I'm sure that Bangladesh would be a much better place for all if these simple problems are tackled.

Ameer, Maple Leaf International College


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