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     Volume 5 Issue 123 | December 8, 2006 |

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Hoping against hope
I want to thank Aasha Mehreen Amin, Kajalie Shehreen Islam, Imran H. Khan and Elita Karim for the good work on the cover story and special feature of November 10, 2006. I would like to add a few of my views.
Our leaders are always talking about how much they love the people of our country but unfortunately they are the greatest hypocrites in the world. The 14 party alliance alleged that they would take part in the next election if the CEC M.A Aziz were removed from his post with their 11-point demands. Meanwhile, they pressurized the caretaker government to fulfil their demands otherwise they would take major steps to bring the country to a standstill. The general citizens suffered a lot for their various activities. They have failed to prove their political prudence. What are they getting by making the general people suffer?
Farhana Hoque

High profile conspiracy?
We all know that the owls and the jackals usually run away from the light looking for the darkness to devise their dark deeds. But some of our bureaucrats -- current and former ones -- had a meeting together in the thick of the night.
It is quite an appalling fact that some government highups had a private meeting at former energy minister Mahmudur Rahman's private office at Uttara. The attempts that they undertook in evading journalists were simply disgusting and ridiculous -- some actually hid their faces with their hands and clothes. Their hide and seek game has raised several questions in the people's minds; a dark deed at a time when the nation is passing a very turbulent time in its political phase is surely ominous. Reactions from the people of all walks of life are still pouring forth. The advisors of the present caretaker government -- namely Dr Akbar Ali's comment -- is precise and straight; he is of the view that the bureaucrats undermined government rules and regulations, humiliating themselves as well as the nation and that stern measures should be taken against them.
More frustrating was Mahmudur Rahman's countenance while explaining to the media what happened -- he appeared to be very relaxed and in a fun mood. Now that such an evil incident has taken place in an independent land the concerned authorities should deal with it seriously.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Bangladesh and Former President of Mauritius
The Islam Channel organised a Global Peace and Unity Event at London Excel Centre on November 25 and 26. Present and former presidents, politicians and many Islamic scholars from different Muslim countries took part in that event. I was there to cover the programme as a broadcast journalist on behalf of a local Bangladeshi TV channel, Bangla TV. When I approached the former president of Mauritius, Caaseem Uteem, to take his interview, he observed the word 'Bangladesh' on the press card hanging from my neck and said, 'Hello young man! Are those two ladies still quarrelling?' I became astonished. Seeing the expression on my face he said, 'Come on, I am talking about Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina.' I felt utterly ashamed and shocked that this joke has crossed the barriers of our country and reached somewhere as far as Mauritius.
Syed Aftab Ahmed
Student of LLB

Question Mark on the Umrao Jaan contest
A few days ago Aktel launched a contest on the movie 'Umrao Jaan'. The winner of the contest was supposed to attend the premiere in Dubai. But to my utter surprise, although the contest concluded on November 7, Aktel still hasn't announced the names of the winners! And to add to that the film was released on November 3! What has happened to the premiere?? Was that just a joke? Aktel has to answer for the lavish advertisements they gave un newspapers. I didn't expect such irresponsibility from a leading company like Aktel. I want a believable explanation from the authorities behind this farce!
Nazia Dahboob
Eskaton, Dhaka

Vistas of Bangladesh
I want to thank Stine Haynes for his excellent piece 'On Hope and Hard Labour' in the SWM (November 24, 2006). I think his attitude towards Bangladesh will be broader and more pleasant if he visits some other places in this country.
I wish he could visit Comilla which is about 96 kilometres east of Dhaka. Here one can discover many new and exciting things. It could also develop his ideas about Bangladesh's beautiful architectural monuments.
Amzad Hossain
Second Year, Dept. of English
University of Dhaka

On Human Rights
Hana Shams Ahmed definitely deserves appreciation for her article 'Facing an Uncertain Future' (November 24, 2004) where she has depicted the stories of women and child trafficking through the borders of our country and this fate afterwards. I would like to thank her as she is always a courageous voice against the violation of human rights by writting such harrowing tales.
It's very poignant to learn that 50,000 girls are trafficked each year to the brothels in India and Pakistan where they have to lead a wretched life. Isn't it true that the victims have to face death before actually dying when their dreams and wishes are wrecked while forced to face such a dreadful reality? I feel very bad that this matter is not being highlighted as much as it should be and not many are coming forward to protest and stop this.
We have so many political, social, environmental voices but we have few voices on human rights issues. Human rights should be equal for every human in a democratic country, yet this right is always violated for the poor. Proper education is one of the most effective and best weapons against this kind of violation and it is our responsibility to look into this issue.

This is in reference to the letter printed on November 24, 2006 in SWM by Sumaiyah Afrin. There are maps of Dhaka City by Mappa. It is quite detailed, specific to some regions. For example, the Dhanmondi, Uttara and Gulshan areas are very well-detailed whereas Mohammadpur and Mirpur are less detailed (but to acceptable level to get you around). I bought one as soon as I arrived from the writer's country of residence where I spent my childhood. With that map, I had very little difficulty going around Dhaka City. The original map was very inexpensive considering the work they've put into it. We should thank Mappa for providing us with such a map.
M. I. Hafiz
Dept. of CSE
BRAC University

No Dirty Posters Please!
In the last few days, the whole of Dhaka city is been covered with some disturbing images on posters. Most of them are related to the coming election. Recognition using a poster is not new in our country. But the photos exhibited are horrific. Some posters show how the BNP killed their opponents and similar pictures of other political parties. Why do political parties use such pictures? These abusive posters may have an adverse effect as children. I request the political parties to give a second thought before putting up such posters.
Shirin Sharmin Bubly
Dept. of Civil Engineering

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