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     Volume 6 Issue 12| March 30, 2007 |

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The Table has Turned (Can it Really?)


GOING by the definition of 'laundering' decontaminating or cleansing 'money laundering' would, in fact, mean making legal a financial act or accumulation. Therefore, we have been accusing people of doing a good job. Indeed it would appear so.

On that count (no one is counting anything here) this may be a pertinent point (you may not actually see the tiny dot) to pen down (although it's my two fingers on the keyboard) the reason why there is so much misunderstanding among educated people they all speak in English, or they think they do, especially when they are angry.

Psychologists attribute the language confusion as the primary cause of the high divorce rate among the well-to-do. Not so well though this matter of separating. They say that 'marriage' is not a word, it's a sentence. Work that one out, but you can sit down and do it without a drop of sweat.

Surprisingly though, the grounds (although usually pronounced indoors) of talak among the illiterate is also the same just as their learned counterparts, they do not speak in Mountbatten's tongue because it's been long gone. They therefore do not understand why they are being misread. See! No book!

We say many Eengrezee things that on analysis make little or no sense.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth a medical impossibility

In the pink of health apparently suffering from high fever
Mind blowing they live even after such an experience
Here's a little poem not composed by some one whose English would also be little understood today, Shakespeare.

A few years back he had nought
Used to live in a house of chawt
One day a neta's eyes he caught
Bas! His life in gold was wrought
With loads of dough he was fraught
An MP's Porsche he had bought
Delivered directly from an Euro port
Japanee car? That's for the common sort
Now that he was a very big shot
Press and people his interview sought
With 32 glittering he spoke on what-not
Always mediating when party-men fought
If a matter of one opposing him was brought
His muscles twitched, brain froze, his blood clot
Against the 'bay-adob' his bichar was fawta-fawt
Spared was not even the child crying 'Baba' in a cot
These days however he is rather distraught
The news came via a chela as a bad draught
They will seize his horeen with many a dot
He tried calling, but the DC is speak-t-not
Overnight he sees in toshamodi a drought
This looks like a really complicated jawt
With boss in jail, a protector he no more has got
With whom will he hatch another anti-people plot?
The chase by the 'same' police has become very hot
Today or tomorrow they'll knock on his palatial fort
Druto law means for years in a karagar he has to rot
His big child today is crying like his opposition's tot.

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