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     Volume 6 Issue 12 | March 30, 2007 |

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New Flicks

Reign Over Me

Let in the unexpected.
Director: Mike Binder
Distributor: Sony Pictures
Starring: Don Cheadle, Adam Sandler, Saffron Burrows, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Liv Tyler

Alan Johnson has everything he needs to get through life: a good job, a beautiful and loving wife, and their wonderful children. Yet he feels isolated because he finds having a hard-working job and managing a family too much to handle and has no one to talk to about it. Charlie Fineman, on the other hand, doesn't have a job or a family. He used to have both until he lost his family on the fateful day of 9/11, and the grief he felt caused him to quit his job and isolate himself from everyone around him. As it turns out, Alan and Charlie were roommates in college, and a chance encounter one night rekindles the friendship they shared. They soon feel that their friendship is the one thing that allows them to forget about their problems.



I Think I Love My Wife

In marriage no one can hear you scream.
Genres: Comedy and Remake
Director: Chris Rock
Distributors: Fox Searchlight
Starring: Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres, Eliza Coupe, Cassandra Freeman

Richard Cooper has it all. His wife, Brenda, is beautiful, intelligent and a fantastic mother to his children -- but there's just one little problem: he's bored out of his suburban businessman's mind. Richard can't help but fantasise about having nearly every woman he sees. Still, it's only fantasy. Then, one fateful day, an alluring, free-spirited, not to mention stunning, old friend, Nikki, suddenly appears at his office door, putting him to the ultimate test. Just how much is Richard Cooper willing to risk when temptation comes after him? After all, he really does love his wife -- at least he thinks he does.


Top at the Box Office

1. 300

Prepare for glory.
Genre: Action / War
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Michael Fassbender, Vincent Regan

2. Wild Hogs

Four guys from the suburbs hit the road... and the road hit back.
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Starring: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy

3. Premonition

Reality is only a nightmare away.
Genre: Thriller
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Mark Famiglietti, Kate Nelligan

4. Dead Silence

You scream. You die.
Genre: Horror / Mystery
Starring: Amber Valletta, Ryan Kwanten, Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Eugene Fairman

5. I Think I Love My Wife

In marriage no one can hear you scream.
Genre: Comedy and Remake
Starring: Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres, Eliza Coupe, Cassandra Freeman



Source: YahooMovies and IMDB.com

Compiled by Imran H. Khan

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