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     Volume 6 Issue 23 | June 15, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

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After my exams ended, I began to spend my afternoons walking in Ramna Park with my Aunt. It is really a sight to see hundreds of people visiting the park everyday. Many families and children go there to spend some quality time. All in all, the evenings turn out to be very pleasant. However, there are times when we see couples hanging out and romancing in public. The other day while walking with my Aunt, we saw a man and woman hugging each other and doing all sorts of things that they should be doing in private. I was embarrassed, so was my Aunt. It is absolutely none of my business whatsoever interfering in their lives but behaving this way does not really prove their intellectual development in any way! After all, there is something known as privacy which should be maintained by everyone.
Sadmi Bhuiyan

A Man Made World
It was a hot and sunny afternoon, when I was walking on road 10A Dhanmondi, where I saw a man beating a woman carrying a child in her lap. The woman was sobbing and asking for mercy but the man did not seem to bother. People were staring at them with no intension of helping the poor woman! I was feeling guilty myself, walking away, yet another irresponsible citizen! It is a sad fact that though our country is progressing so much it is not able to overcome the idea of men ruling the world and therefore having women suffer.
Fahmida Akram

Smoking and Teens
"Smoking is cool," said a friend when I asked him why he smoked. "But smoking is harmful," I tried to argue. "More people die in accidents than by smoking," replied the friend. I gave up. It was pointless arguing when a biology student speaks like this. Now a days, smoking has become a fashion, especially to the teens. And since more coaching centers are sporting like mushrooms throughout Dhanmondi and Lalmatia, you can see smokers almost everywhere. There is always a certain 'tea-store' outside every coaching centre that is the providing the tobacco. It might be true that more people are killed in accidents than by cigarettes, but everybody overlooks the fact that smoking is a slow killing process. It will make a smoker suffer for years before finishing him off finally. Nonetheless, everyone around a smoking person is affected more, as second hand smoking is more hazardous. Young boys, especially O and A Level students and even younger children have taken up smoking to become 'cool' and attract girls. Though the government has recently passed laws to discourage smoking, it still thrives among teens. Until and unless the laws (especially the law about the ban of smoking in public) are put into practice, and unless people (coaching centre authorities, for example) themselves become aware, it would not be possible to stop people from smoking.
West Dhanmondi


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