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     Volume 7 Issue 13 | March 28, 2008 |


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Cover Story

Making the Most of Productivity

One of the fundamental principles of the country when it was created through a bloody war in 1971 has been social and economic justice. In the last 37 years, though our economy has experienced a boom, thanks to the export of ready-made garments and the remittance of the migrant workers, the toiling masses have remained outside the benefit of this growth. The number of poor has increased despite the fact that, on an average, the last decade has experienced a steady growth of 5 percent. Independence we have achieved, but how far away are we from achieving economic freedom, or from establishing a society based on justice and equality where development will be democratic, where honesty and goodness will prevail?

Cover Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Visnu, the biggest stone sculpture of Bangladesh, (Black Stone)
from the 11th century AD, Dhaka.
Cover Design: Manan Murshed

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