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     Volume 7 Issue 23 | June 06, 2008 |

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Public Reaction


Prio Chintito, this is my reaction against Abidur, instant and passionate I know. Will you please publish it?
Dear Mir Abidur Rahman, Dept. of English, South East University,
Please let me think that you wrote the letter, published on May 23, assaulting Chintito for "misleading the youth" with his/her (sadly enough you are sure chintito is a she!) emotional writing and for being a woman only to allure Chintito to publish your letter. Admit that you merely wanted to see your name printed! No? Then let me make the conclusion, painfully, the problem lies with you. In our country you are leading the section named as chamcha. I am sure you are a person (surely a Man) who is driven by his brains, having an extra brain where his heart is supposed to be. Man, we don't need countries like US, Japan or England; rather we need to have more people with a heart to really love our country, and we also need to get rid of people like you. You think "they" attacked Iraq with "some logical explanation"! To kill men and children? You do not have any problem with women being killed, do you? Do you think "they" will do something to dislodge the inhuman Myanmar military regime? Mothers should be ashamed to have boys like you. After all, they are women. And now don't you think I am a woman too?
Upakuul, DU

Dear Chintito,
I want to say something to (Mir Abidur) Rahman. Although I don't know much about international politics, as I don't find any interest in it, I still don't understand how could someone say that attacking Iraq was a good idea because it had some logic? Killing innocent mothers, children, so brutally, even sending young soldiers as U.S forces to the battlefield: all that was done for the sake of logic? They needed oil, and so they attacked Iraq. One day they'll need something badly from us and they'll attack us! Then you'll say "Mr.Bush might have some logic to do so. Don't blame him." And, by the way, who told you women write childish things? Can you write something better than Ms. Chintito? You are talking as if we are not an independent country, as if we are enslaved by the U.S government! Chintito, please never ever stop writing. Some people are just jealous about your popularity. You just march ahead, right behind you we tread!
Ifana M, EEE, BUET

Hi Chintito
I am writing to you once again not to praise you. This time I just want to say something to Abdur Rahman.
I congratulate you for not caring what a narrow minded person like him says. But you took his challenge and published his letter. I think that's what he wants. Just to print his name in the paper. I am sure he has been cloned in the lab. Otherwise a person who has a mother can't treat any woman with such disgrace. He doesn't have a backbone either. That's why he is almost ready to call USA 'Abba'. People like him have led our country to destruction. I just hope he learns his lesson soon enough. And dear Chi, I really appreciate your encouragement to Onamika. What you said is truly right. English-medium students nowadays know only English. But we Bangla-medium students know both. So we are superior to them. Bhalo thakun. Be happy always!
Esha Karim

Dear Chintito,
This is in response to Mir Abid's letter. Although I don't know whether you are male or female, it's not a factor to me; it is what you write and what we learn. I am flabbergasted after reading Abid's letter and think he is completely devoid of civic sense. His criticism of you seems to cross the limit and shows his arrogance. It proves he lacks courtesy. After he identifies you as a woman, he says that women write nonsense. How does he think women have no proficiency in good writing? Mr Abid, have you heard of Begum Rokeya, Selina Rahman, Arundhati Roy, J K Rowling, Shirin Ebadi, Sufia Kamal… are they male or female? You said the US never does anything without logic. Is that true? I think you have no idea about their ideology. For their own interest, they can do anything. Is it fair to destroy others' peace for my own interest? They killed a lot of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, created turmoil all over the world, evicted people from their shelter. Don't you hear the cries of the Iraqi children who lost their parents? Think sincerely and comment after getting the right information. Change your attitude towards women, and trust they have the ability to contribute in every sector.
Md Azam Khan, Department of Mathematics, 4th year, Chittagong University

Dear Chintito,
I will really appreciate if you change the way you write. Thanks to Mir Abidur Rahman who came up with some strong evidence about your emotional writing. Actually he encouraged me to stand and utter against your "light" explanation and writings. You really do not know how to cast logic, do you? And it has been seen you have a distinct pleasure to counsel (or should I say 'motivate') young infants and freshers with some common words and phrases. You should understand your advice is making a huge impact on their minds. Now, there is one matter that I can't agree with Mr. Mir Abidur Rahman. How can he say "only woman can write nonsense and childish writing like this" Who gave him the 'brilliant' idea that only women can write nonsense and childish things? Is he some kind of racist, or mentally sick to write and think like that? It does not matter whether Chintito is a male or a female. I quite doubt your mental healthiness.
Sedmaister Alam, Notre Dame College, Dhaka

Dear Chintito,
I have a huge objection to the letter by Mir Abidur Rahman. The Oxford Dictionary defines 'Criticism': critical remark or analytical article. But I figured Mir Abidur Rahman is not aware of it. In his letter he criticizes women as a whole, by which he swings from his main point, what rubbish and how foolish is that! It is for this kind of narrow-minded people women are suppressed even now. Their mind-set is that women are foolish, stupid, impractical and good for nothing, she cannot do anything revolutionary; their only job is to be a part of the reproductive system. I want to ask Mir Abidur Rahman through you, how many women does he know? Does he know about Mother Teresa, Madam Curie, Srimavo Bandranayek, Nadin Gaurdimar, Shirin Ebadi, Kalpana Chawla, Priti Lata, Begum Rokeya, Sitara Begum, Taramon Bibi? If he is aware of them he may know how honourable they are for their deeds. My request to all, please think twice before commenting on women, because these women are your near and dear ones, who play an important role in your life. One thing more, he supported USA, because it was “logical” to attack Iraq. Let me tell him something. Suppose he has one crore taka, but I don't have any, and I need that for my welfare, and I hire some robbers to take away his money. Is that logical or moral? With best regards
Shushmita Ahmed, Dept. of Law (2nd year), University of Chittagong

Dear Chintito,
The outrage with which you questioned the comment (of the US Assistant Secretary of State) seemed slightly exaggerated. The comment seemed as well articulated as all the "famous" comments made by his commander-in-chief (maybe they share the same speech writer). My point is not whether he has the right to make such comments regarding OUR election, but I am rather chintito over whether the US recognises Bangladesh as a democratic nation.

How appalling and amusing is Mir Abidur Rahman's letter. Dear Sir, I must ask you "what is wrong with you?" You questioned Chintito's lack of knowledge whereas you seem to demonstrate none at all. Have we all forgotten the whole Florida incident during the 2000 US elections? Whether or not a representative of US has the right to make such wrongly worded comment regarding another nation's election, is debatable at best! We certainly do have to converse and hear what developed nations have to say, because we certainly can learn from them. However, let us not forget about this particular nation's recent demonstration of fallibility in its own election process.

You further seemed oddly proud that we are 80% dependent on other nations. So to you does that mean we should adhere to all their demands and take their word as given, or else suffer their wrath of pulling out their support? As far as I was aware, that is not what an independent nation means or even represents.

Finally, I was absolutely outraged at your comment on Chintito's gender. Dear Sir, I would have you know that the women in this country are far more intelligent, well versed and definitely more articulate than the men. Thank you for further validating that point. You called Chintito's writing childish, have you actually read your own letter? Your mind set is a shame to our gender and I hope your literary talent is not a reflection of your university's English Department. For you to have made such bold criticism without justifying logic, seems to me that you are an extremely narrow minded, misinformed and ignorant individual.
Saquib Fayyaz Kabir, IBA-DU, MBA- 41st Batch

Dear Chintito,
My heart sank into a painful sea of sadness when I went through the unfortunate moment of learning that, someone was yelling at you, namely Mir Abidur, who according to my judgement seriously lacked the logic (though he claims himself to be a logic master) to advocate the absolutely meaningless letter he dished out. Be blessed.
Monty Aziz, Chittagong Government High School.

Dear Chintito,
A letter this Friday gives just the opposite impression of what I expect from a columnist/writer like you. I don't know who that person (?) is, but I am sure it was someone closely connected to those criminals. Please, never lose your heart. Keep on writing as you are doing. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. Be blessed.
Md. Hasan Iqbal, Keranipara, Rangpur

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