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     Volume 7 Issue 23| June 06, 2008 |

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Sajek -- Our Sins and Expectations
Undoubtedly all the indigenous people living in Bangladesh will thank the author of the article 'What will happen after Sajek?' (May 16, 2008). The article made it quite clear to everyone living in Bangladesh what happened on April 20, at Sajek Union under Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati District. After 36 years of independence of the country nobody expects such an incident to take place in the country, but the settlers in the Sajek region made it happen. They burned not only the houses, assets and properties of the indigenous people but also a local church and two UNICEF schools.

Having no constitutional recognition of the indigenous people makes it quite clear how deprived we are from basic human rights. Is it our sin that we were born in Bangladesh, but aren't Bangali, and are living in the most remote area of Bangla-desh? If that were indeed our sin what would one say of the people who attacked the indigenous people in Sajek? Is that not a sin too? We the indigenous living in Bangladesh don't want the sympathy of the people, we do not want any special facilities, as human beings we just want to live in peace and harmony with everyone else in the country.

Suman Chakma
Department of Finance &
Banking, CU

I am a regular reader of The Star. Within a few pages this magazine presents diverse local, national and international issues in a simple way which not only enriches the domain of our knowledge but also changes our wrong perceptions to some extent. I strongly appreciate The Star team bringing out such a magazine which reflects on people's thoughts, ideas and opinions. But for many days, I am feeling the absence of the sci-tech segment. This section gave readers a chance to catch up with up-to-date scientific gadgets and developments throughout the globe. The magazine also used to publish an English learning section which has disappeared. It was very useful to readers for improving their English skill. Instead of these the magazine has inserted a comic strip which has no value to us. As a regular reader I suggest the magazine bring back these two sections in order to make it more worthwhile for the readers.

Joydeep Sarkar
Dept. of English
Jahangirnagar University


I really enjoy reading the Chintito column very much. His writings always seem to me to be extraordinary and thought provoking. I really enjoy reading the cover stories as well as the Dhaka Diary and 'One Off' column of the magazine. I would like to request the magazine to introduce some tips on career building for the readers. The magazine can publish interviews of successful people who can give advice on how to build a career which will inspire readers.

Imtiaz Hossain Jony
Department of English (3rd Year)
Habibullah Bahar College, Dhaka


The Ideal Teacher!
I was a student of Motijheel Ideal School and College. This school is still regarded as one of the best educational institutions of our country because it maintains strict discipline and academic performance. The teachers of Ideal School are also very qualified and outside the academic curriculum they also teach us how students can become good human beings. One such teacher was the English teacher and a member of the governing body of the school. Although some of his punishment methods were quite severe he taught his students honesty and idealism. His students have a very high regard for him because of his integrity.

But it seems that this teacher has not been quite as honest as we thought. Recently I came to know from a newspaper report that this so-called ideal teacher has been suspended from school because of alleged corruption complaints against him. He has been accused of taking approximately 3 crore taka in bribe from parents of many students for favourable outcomes in admission tests. If such a highly respected teacher of a well-known institution can do something of this sort, then what will be the future of this nation? I hope the ACC will look into this matter seriously and give the desired punishment to this teacher for ruining the reputation of a famous school and all of its other teachers.

Nazmus Saquib
Dept. of English, Stamford University

Ramifications of Moitree
The restoration of Dhaka-Kolkata train service, after more than four decades, is certainly a milestone for the two neighbouring countries. People from both sides are now very hopeful of what they can gain from this service. However, an invisible fear is working in our minds as there have been many instances where we have started doing something good but do not follow through.

The restored relation eventually contributes towards an interactive engagement in areas of culture, education and health care. The last one is a matter of great concern for us, because if it becomes too convenient for our people to rush to India for every health crisis, they will lose trust in our local medical services. There are many doctors and medical experts in our country. The only problem with the doctors here is that they don't know how to behave sympathetically towards patients.

We hope a day will come when our neighbours, including the Indians themselves, will travel to Bangladesh for health purposes. We are very optimistic for a better future of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India.

Mohammad Ala Uddin
Zahurul Haque Hall, DU

University Ratings
Some days ago, Regulatory Reforms Commission (RRC) Chairman Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, urged the authorities concerned to publish university ratings regularly. He said that if that is done a silent competition among universities would improve their respective positions and students would be able to compare their ratings and, as a result, be able to make a more informed choice. His suggestion is no doubt very sensible.

There is no denying the fact that higher education is in a bad condition in our country. Lack of competitive mentality among universities, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons for it. So the education ministry should immediately consider Dr. Akbar's proposal. But it's also very important that the authorities concerned draw up a scientific method to carry out these ratings so that there is no confusion about its legitimacy.

Mushfique Wadud
Department of English
Stamford University Bangladesh


Congratulations to Tahmima Anam
It was a very auspicious moment for Bangladesh and for its realm in literature at this year's Commonwealth awards when the award for best first went to Bangladeshi writer Tahmima Anam for her book 'A Golden Age'. It's another milestone for our literary world, not to say that our movement in the literary world is not strong enough already. However Tahmima's novel has attracted the critics from the very beginning of its publication. It has already been translated to 18 different languages. This award is significant because our glorious independence war has been depicted here. So congratulations to Tahmima Anam for her outstanding achievement. We hope her triumph will continue in the days to come.

Shakawat Hossain
B.Com, Final Year
Department of Accounting
Govt City College, Chittagong

In the article "Doors and Windows" in the magazine issue printed on May 23, the name of a person was inadvertently misspelled. Instead of Shameem Rasheed it should be Shaheen Rasheed. We sincerely regret the error.

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