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Defeats, Death and Diego

HOW did the Fates transpire to deceive millions of people worldwide? With four South American sides in the quarters, the humiliating prospects of one-continent representation dangled in the faces of all the silent observers. Then the games began and the twists and turns that make football so intriguing came to the fore. The soul of Samba, the ghost of Ghana and the Death of Diego will now fully haunt the games remaining.

The mouth-watering clash between the unpredictable Dutch and the classy Brazilians was considered a foregone conclusion. The Netherlands was always given an outside chance, but few could claim they would give the Brazilians a run for their money. And then, Felipe Melo happened. Robinho may have dispelled all remaining doubts, but Sneijder didn't let go and the Samba kings never really managed to hurt again. Kaka cut a forlorn figure once again while Melo handed the Dutch repeated lifelines. Of course, the Dutch took it, with a vengeance. Robben proved to be a constant menace while Champion's League winner, Wesley, was in class of his own. Brazil was literally crying for some creativity from a certain over-looked midfielder, but sadly nothing more was to happen. Dunga stood on the sidelines contemplating what could have been while somewhere far away 'Dinho smiled almost traitorously. What a difference Elano could have made is certainly a discussion for another day. For now, the Dutch progress 2-1. World Cup 2010 was handed its biggest shock. Bangladeshi fans even made it to Dirty Tackle following the defeat. http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Bangladeshi-fans-take-Brazil-defeat-too-seriousl?urn=sow,253355

Then came Ghana facing Uruguay. Africa's last representative was never going to have it easy. Especially not when they had to contain two of the World's most daunting strikers in the mould of Diego Forlan and Ajax supreme, Luis Suarez. Well, even with all that, it really was Ghana who shone through. Gyan hasn't been linked to a host of top clubs for no reason and he did justice to the possible price tag he will command in the future. Sadly however, this match will be remembered for the last few minutes when Suarez was sent off for clearly handling the ball, spiking it right off the goal line. A straight red and a missed penalty followed and then came the decisive penalties where Ghana really floundered. Two tame penalty shots followed in succession from the Africa's and both were saved, knocking out Africa's final hopes. Many will point figures at Luis Suarez and FIFA is now looking into lengthening the ban to exclude Suarez from featuring in the finals, if they overcome Netherlands, that is. However, this will be a ridiculous decision, since Suarez did what he had to do. Furthermore, such a rule cannot be made suddenly and Ghana was given a spot-kick chance, as the rules dictate, which they missed. Plus, they didn't fare much better in the final kicks as well, so who is to say that Ghana had anything more to add to the tournament? And if such a decision is taken, then let us strip Argentina too and bring up the Hand of God into play once more. FIFA needs to focus more on better referees than making stupidity a regular habit. Uruguay go on to meet the Dutch, after all is said and then.

And saving the best for the last, it was 2006 all over again as Germany took on Argentina. The war of words started before the match with Bastian claiming that Argentineans try to influence the refree too much. Maradona than proceeded to ask if Germany were nervous before the encounter, after which Lahm added that they would see how Argentina behave after defeat. What happened next is truly history. As 'ball-boy' Muller scored the opener thanks to Argentina's slack defending, Klose went on to add a second and then two more followed. Argetina had no response whatsoever. Try as they might, they never had the tactical nous to overcome the German. As Loew celebrated, Maradona stood on the sidelines contemplating bankruptcy in a retirement home. Suck on this eh? The much hyped attacking trio of Messi, Tevez and Higuain could not as much as ruffle the Neur's hair, credit to breath-taking performances by Lahm and co. Arne added insult to injury while Bastian pulled all the strings. Messi and Demichilles would have been the man of the match had they played for Germany. Argentina was neutralized to say the least. Germany was the best thing since blue jeans and that too would be an understatement. Well, in conclusion, Argentina were taught a lesson in 'how to play football without Messi', while Maradona finally proved that he never had the tactical mettle to take on a big team. His accomplishments to date? A win over Mexico, Nigeria, Greece and South Korea is a laudable accomplishment, if you are the manager of Montserrat. Did everyone forget Zanetti and Gabriel Milito? So Argentina got what they had coming and now Germany and Paul are up against Spain. We enjoyed all the goals although Messi DID NOT score, but the show must go on.

As the final twists begin to take shape, followers all over the world will now begin to drift away from their sets as they take off the Argentina flags off their roofs. Nothing but the suddenly born bhoktos' sad faces can make this writer happier. So as Samba, Stars and Suckers rue their demise, we can only leave you with this one thought: All Hail the Germans.

By Osama Rahman

Photo: AFP

The students of Shaheed Lt Selim Shikshalaya of Madhubagh, Moghbazar, Dhaka, went to visit Lalbagh Fort in old Dhaka recently as part of their academic activities. The study tour was organised for the students of English medium section of the school. While visiting, the students were informed about the history and culture of Bangladesh as well as the historical perspectives, archeological evidences and importance of Lalbagh Fort during Mughal period. The teachers of the school accompanied the students.

Graduation ceremony at our school

On 16th June 2010
We had our graduation ceremony in S.F.X Greenherald International School. All the students of KG II were eagerly waiting for this day. Our parents and us gathered in Emelda hall room in our school. Wearing the graduation cap we sat quietly on the chairs. The ceremony started and our principal and sister Mary Michelle gave a speech. We had a wonderful cultural show. Students of KG I participated in that show. They sang and danced. We enjoyed the cultural program. After the show, one by one we went to the principal and to the sisters. They handed over the certificate to us. We came back to class. The teacher gave us our report cards and we took snapshots. Then we left school with the report cards and the book list with great joy.
By Otondrila
Class: I


My Mother
A child's best friend
Is her mother
There is no replacement
For another.
Mama, you have brought me
Into this world,
Cared for me, loved me
And taught me to be
A good girl.
You were always
So gentle and kind,
Did not do anything
For which I would mind.

Strict you were sometimes,
To make me realize
When I was wrong.
Now you are not with us
Any more-
As God has taken you
To heaven;
Leaving us behind
To mourn.
He has released you from
The sufferings of
This harsh world.

I miss you so much, Mama-
Remebering the good days
With you.
Though we had to depart,
You will always be
In my heart-
My dear, dear Mama

By Rima Chowdhury

My Grandmother
Grandma, remember the first day we met?
You took me in your arms lovingly-
I was gazing at you
Wondering, whose touch was it
So heavenly!

Your love was so blind
You were extremely kind.
You would never bear
My slightest pain,
Would run to me
Again and again.
Your love was countless
Your blessings more-
You would never know
How much I adore
A person like you
To have as a grandma.

Suddenly, God took you away,
I don't know where-
But I hope and pray
You're looked after
With God's great care.

By Nazel Raiyan Chowdhury


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