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Get Ready for the Journey with The Daily Star
The Daily Star Readers' Club believes that the journey has only just begun. The right people are there, who will enlighten us. We just have to be strong and keep looking; eventually we will find and unite them.
Maksuda Begum: Making Sweaters
Maksuda's business which started off with nothing now has taka 2.5 lakh in capital.
She has started a cooperative society. She gives loans to the poor.
Kotura, Lord of the Winds
Kotura smiled. 'I like you, youngest daughter,' he said. 'And my mother and four sisters like you, too. You work well, and you have much courage. You braved a terrible storm so that your people might not die. And you did all that you were told to. Pray stay with me and be my wife.'
Mukul Niketan High School
The school was first started as Mukul Fuaj in 1950s and with the passage of time it has expanded to the massive institution it is now.

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