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Guru Griho

From Jhenidah

Kotchandpur Pilot High School turns 109

Educational institutes play a vital role in turning boys and girls into worthy citizens of the country. Among the many schools around the country that have made their mark is Kotchandpur Pilot High School.

In 1861 Kotchandppur achieved the status of sub-divisional headquarter and a minor school was established there in the same year. When in 1863 this sub-divisional headquarter was shifted to Jhenidah, this little school was transferred to the house of Nibaran Kabiraj. But in 1879 the house of Nibaran Kabiraj was abandoned. Edward George MacLeod was the then Chairman of Kotchandpur municipality. This minor school was shifted to Baroari house adjacent to Babu Dinnath Datta's house by the side of the Kapatakkho River. In 1889 the municipality Chairmen, Commissioners, educationists, traders and local elites took the initiatives to turn this primary school into a high school. Later in 1899, this institution took the shape of Kotchandpur English High School at the initiative of Edward George MacLeod, Mr. B. Allen, Mr. JJ Platel and Mr. Masudul Haq. In 1901 this Kotchandpur English High School was permanently recognized by Kolkata University. Later, this school was shifted to the house of Clive MacLeod, younger brother of EG Macleod. It was renamed Kotchand High School. Later, it was again renamed Kotchandpur Pilot High School.

The school stood on a vast piece of land with a lot of buildings, trees and a big playground. Presently it lies in the heart of Kotchandpur town. It is one of the oldest and biggest schools in the country and has become an important part of the culture of the region. Among the secondary schools, Kotchandpur Pilot High School performs the best in a lot of things, such as the SSC exam, the junior scholarship exam, scouting, BNCC and vocational. There has hardly been a year when students from this school have not secured places in public exams under the Jessore board. These meritorious students have gone on to serve the nation in different ways. Among its brightest alumni are Md. Shamsuddin, Deputy Director and General, Post and Telegraph Pakistan, Babu Shailandra Nath Mukhapaddhay, Deputy Postmaster General, Post and Telegraph Kolkata, Dr. Atiar Rahman, Doctor of Medicine, Rani Elizabeth Hospital, England, Dr. Ashraf Ali, Doctor of Science, Manager, Boeing, USA, Dr. Rakib Uddin, Professor and Head of Chemistry, Rajshahi University.

The results of the SSC and Junior Scholarship exams are pretty good overall. Kotchandpur Pilot High School also fosters an environment where the students can engage in extracurricular activities as well as athletics. This school has won several championships in interschool district and divisional levels.

The school building publishes a literary magazine once every three years. It encourages the students to be creative and nourishes any gifts for writing they may have, other than what they may have learnt from the curriculum.

During the Ershad era this school was up for being nationalized but ultimately nothing happened. Later in 1993 Khaleda Zia also declared the school to be nationalized but no further action was taken.The present Headmaster SM Sultan Ahmed visited Dhaka 36 times to try to get the nationalization procedures moving but got no results.

Among the headmasters who deserve recognition for serving the school are the Late Babu Tarinimohon Ghosh, from 1899 to 1917, Babu Haridash Kanjilal, 1917, Babu Bistupada Bhatyacharya, 1918, Babu Gyanendra Nath Chakrabarty, 1918, Babu Ashruranjan Mitra, 1918, Babu Dhirendra Nath Bashu, 1918-1921, Babu Nani Gopal Das, 1921-1924, Babu Promoth Nath Sikdar 1924-1946, Babu Rajendra Nath Das 1946-1968, Md. Abdul Latif 1968-1970, Md. Mohsin Ali 1972-1980, Md Abdul Jabbar, 1989- 2000. The presently serving Headmaster is Al-Hajj SM Sultan.

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