Volume 2 Issue 37 | July 5 , 2008 |


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Embracing the Feet of the Devoted

I have no regrets about what life is. But what I have gained and then lost makes me sad. You can forget the pain of never having. But it is hard to forget the pain of losing. Hare Krishna.
Ngarri Jandu and the Nimmamoo
They hurled spear after spear at him, they beat him with their clubs. But the spears did not pierce his body because his body was as hard as stone. And the clubs did not break his bones because his bones were as tough as flint.
Living with Grief and Pride
Rokeya Khatun is the widow of Motahar Hossain of Kacharipara village in Pabna. Five of her sons fought in the Liberation War while four of them embraced martyrdom. She has also lost her only son-in-law to the war.
Kotchandpur Pilot High School turns 109
The school building publishes a literary magazine once every three years. It encourages the students to be creative and nourishes any gifts for writing they may have, other than what they may have learnt from the curriculum.

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