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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31 | August 12 , 2007|


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Campus Buzz

Nazia Ahmed

The Drockstars 4th round came to an interesting end. Now without further ado, let's pitch head on to the exciting performances this week.

Dark: 'Chhino' an alternative song dedicated to a close friend who died, failed to sway the judges, who termed it 'monotonous'. The enunciation wasn't audible enough and the vocalist needed more parity in the lower pitch.

Bortoman: This time they performed a mellow rock song named 'Ferrari Tara' composed by their friend Haidar (not a band member), which managed to generate positive vibes. While the crowd loved it, the judges suggested more experimentation with composition.

Eclipse: A speed metal number 'Dushhopno' started with a dramatic intro about a soldier. The judges found their compositions to have improved a lot, but warned that this genre might not garner appreciation from the general mass.

Cactus: With a catchy chorus 'Raat Jaga', the song overcame the ordinariness of the lyrics and arrangements, proving the group's ability to make any average song nice and presentable. Probably why the judges disputed the comment made by Fuad that the song was 'cheesy'.

Britto: 'Rudhho Shoishob' a song about the children who are more or less trapped in apartment homes and cant enjoy the little joys of life, was rather soothing to the ear. Even though they started with an offbeat in the first chorus, they showed fabulous improvements.

Power surge: The members not only produced great showmanship, they shone as individuals, earning applause from the judges, who also cautioned that the general mass would not understand the concept of trash metal, and perhaps the marking would not be justified to their talent.

Dour: With extraordinary keyboard effects Dour performed a song called "Geye jabo tomari gaan" which faced a little problem at the pre chorus and lacked compactness. The scale changing needed to be more balanced and the vocalist needed improvement. Despite of the flaws, the judges praised the keyboardist and the bassist immensely.

Off street: They performed a song from the audition round, 'Bhul Chhilo' a mellow rock number which had audibly improved a lot from last time. The song was termed extraordinary, although the arrangement needed more balance. The best thing about them that Sharmin Lucky found was their Bengali pronunciation.

Core: amidst the many compositions about soldiers and their life, Core's metal track spoke about a soldier and his conscience. Their attitude and pitch was compact with a good intro and neat stage outlook.

Dreek: A hard rock song about a man trying to hold on to a little light amidst the darkness that surrounds him. They were noticeably one of the best performances in the 4th round. Judges found their vocals to have improved a lot, combination of base and lead needed more balance and the drumming was good.

Mechanix: 'Oporajeyo'- a song about them, sporting amazing riffing in lead and base, mind-blowing performance and attitude, succeeded in conveying their messages. Even though the vocal and lead needed to balance their tones, Mechanix continues to amaze the audience and the judges with their positive attitude "Whatever the result is, we will be the best!"

Radioactive: the last but one of the powerful most bands of the 4th round, Radioactive presented a song about the dark clouds that are to be removed from our society, a rather metaphorical concept. Judges once again found it extraordinary to see the vocalist maintaining an intact loudness among so many loud instruments. Their composition and lyrics was without any doubt one of the best.

As the nationwide votes and the judge's marking accumulated, the following 8 bands will be going through to the next round:

Dark, Power Surge, Radioactive, Mechanix, Dreek, Off street, Dour, and Eclipse.

Now here is the twist. The four bands Core, Britto, Bortman and Cactus who had to leave this round will face another round of voting that will start right from the end of the show till12.00 am the following day. And only one band from the four can come back for the next round. Who do you think it will be? Find out on Tuesday 7.50 pm only on Channel i on performance round 5, and keep voting from your Gp or Djuice numbers and win a Sony Ericsson Thump.

Keep listening to Radio Foorti for more updates on the DRockstars.

You can now vote for your favorite bands even from outside of Bangladesh! All you have to do is log on to www.drockstar.com.bd/drockstar and join the hunt for the best Rock band of the nation The DRockstars.


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