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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31 | August 12 , 2007|


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Science Feature

Delta House

PHOTO: Space.com

The mobile service tower, or gantry, prepares to move from away from the Delta II 7925 rocket carrying the Phoenix spacecraft, on Launch Pad 17A at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The Delta II rocket is equipped with three stages and nine strap-on solid rocket motors, the propellant needed to send the Phoenix spacecraft on its way toward Mars.

Launch took place successfully early on the morning of Saturday, August 4 at 5:26 a.m. EDT. Phoenix will land in icy soils near the permanent, north polar ice cap of Mars, and explore the history of water in these soils and any associated rocks, while monitoring polar climate. The landing on Mars is estimated for May 25, 2008, in a location on arctic ground where the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, currently in orbit, has detected high concentrations of ice just beneath the top layer of soil.


Future Space Fashion?

Spaceflight attire meets future fashion in this image of one of several clothing designs inspired by space exploration. The impact of space exploration on fashion served as a highlight of last December's Space Base Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden, which welcomed its first astronaut Christer Fuglesang home as a hero.

As part of Space Base Stockholm, there was the idea to combine the interests of the target group for fashion with space and the special aesthetics of space,” said Johan af Geijerstam, a freelance project and production manager in fashion and public relations, who oversaw project. “What brings space and fashion together? We wanted to find these connections, and see how they have formed over time."

Space Base Stockholm was timed to coincide with Fuglesang's flight as part of the STS-116 construction mission to the International Space Station.

This design, photographed by Märta Thisner, and others were among those presented during a Fashion and Design workshop viewed by the public. Invited designers included: Martin Bergström, Bella Rune, Frida Hofslagare, Alice Schulman and Adam Gauffin, with stylist Hanna Kich also participating, according to the European Space Agency (ESA) which released the fashion images.


The space-inspired clothing resulted from a challenge that called on established clothing designers and workshop participants to produce futuristic garments from odd bits of material such as bubble plastic or rubber. Schoolchildren were also invited to present their own view of the aesthetic properties of space and spaceflight.


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