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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31 | August 12 , 2007|


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Sixty years of engineering education in Bangladesh

Kamrul Hasan Khan

Dear Star Campus readers try to visualise a gala celebration of an education programme that spans over six decades in this country!

From survey school to a seat of premier technical education

Kamrul Hasan Khan

It was the year 1876 that the nucleus of the Buet was first formed with the establishment of a survey school named Dacca Survey School at a rented building at Nolgola [west of Salimullah Medical College] in the old part of Dhaka.

VC Prof AMM Safiullah on future Buet

Buet's Vice Chancellor Prof AMM Safiullah talked about a future Buet that would be better prepared to fight the challenges of the 21st century in its effort to find a place among the world's best technical universities.


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