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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 91 | October 26 2008|


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Where's the destination?

Khalid Mahmud Saad

Nowadays, Westernization is one of the most talked about topics in our country.

Seminar on 'Prospects of Wi-MAX and 3G in Bangladesh' held at BRACU

Mahdin Mahboob

A seminar titled 'Prospects of Wi-MAX and 3G in Bangladesh' was held at BRAC University on the 19th of October.

The worst thing I ever stole

Saushan Rahman

It was early in the morning; I was in a hurry to go to school. I needed lunch money, but could not ask my mother to give me anymore money.

KIS disseminates balanced education for global citizenship

Sohel Mahmud Sagar

Kodaikanal International School (KIS), a multicultural institute is situated down south in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. Unlike many other schools, KIS observes a wide range of events for students to show off their talents.

First stride to reach Mt. Everest in 2010
Langsisa Ri Expedition, Bicycle Rally, & Campaign against Drugs


No Bangladeshi has climbed the Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth yet. As measured by the height of its summit above sea level, which is 29,035 ft. But soon it may be changed.

Old Goa
Where Spirituality Bonds With Splendour

Wrishi Thakur Raphael

Goa, the only Portuguese colony in India, was under Portuguese rule for 400 years, during which Old Goa was its capital till the mid 18th century.

Why do people laugh in so many ways?

Dr Binoy Barman

One of the main distinguishing factors between human beings and other animals is that the former can laugh,

An Architect's Dhaka

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

Part Nine
The Ahsan Manjil in Kumartoli, the most splendid architectural landmark in Dhaka besides the Sangshad Bhaban, crowns the river bank in the oldest part of the city.

Essence of Student Life

Zannatul Lamea

You know how, on the last day of your internship program, you suddenly realize you are done with “Student Life” and finally are standing at the end of the tunnel?

Monsooners in Kolkata

Sarah Z H

Monsoonletters, an emerging group of literary exercisers has recently attended a colloquium on Media,

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