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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 40| October 17, 2010 |


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Algoma University has a lot to offer

Looking for a unique Canadian educational experience, offering an exceptionally supportive learning environment, involving lots of individual student attention and opportunities to excel?

Well, look no further! At Algoma University, no student is just another 'face in the crowd'.

Surrounded by the rich, natural beauty of northern Ontario, the university is host to over 1,200 students a year hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures, celebrating their differences and learning from each other. With “inclusion” being one of the key values that the institution prides itself on, the university's website attests; “At Algoma U, every student will find a place to belong”.

Computer Science is one of the most popular undergraduate options for international students at Algoma University.

Although the statement may sound lofty, Bangladeshi graduate Asif Ahmed agrees wholeheartedly with the motto, stating his time at Algoma was as “unique, amusing and unforgettable an experience as I have ever had in my entire student life”. Even considering his choice now, two years after finishing his studies at Algoma back in 2008, Asif considers himself “a proud Algoma U graduate”, and has no regret over his choice of universities.

“I made an excellent decision to be an Algoma U student,” says the B.B.A. Marketing (Hons) graduate. “Smaller class sizes (20-40 students), direct communication with and assistance from faculty members, mandatory class participations and interactions, numerous group projects and presentations, the friendliest staff members, a resourceful library, free weekly doughnuts and barbeque parties in spring and fall, and so much more… the combination of all these helped me learn more than what I had previously learned at a big university.”

So what type of student should consider attending Algoma U? Asif is quick to offer his answer.” Someone who wants a fun, smaller university and cleaner environment, loves interacting with professors and other people, and wants to learn about different cultures while receiving quality education, Algoma U is second to none.”

The university is also a good option for those students looking to work and learn at the same time as many students choose to take part in a variety of work experience opportunities on offer, including co-op education options and on-campus paid positions. International students registered for full-time studies are eligible to work part-time on campus, and/or to apply for an off-campus work permit after they have completed their first six months of studies. Through any of these experiences, students are able to gain valuable hands-on work experience, cultivating references to use for further education or job applications later on, and in many cases obtain direct working experience in an area related to their chosen career. Considering all these opportunities at hand, it seems no wonder that, according to Ontario government statistics, almost all Algoma graduates find employment within six months of graduating. Within two years after graduating, the graduates' employment number is up to 100%.

“Looking back,” says Bangladeshi graduate Monirul Ahsan, “I realise that Algoma U set me off on the right track. Smaller classes and effective teaching techniques have helped me compete in today's ever changing job market.”

At Algoma, diversity is highly valued. Throughout the year, various cultural activities and events help students to not only share their own traditions, but also learn from others. Here, a group of Algoma U students and staff celebrate Eid with a colourful and fun-filled feast.

Particularly for international newcomers, special attention and services are given to help students' not only settle in, but also make the most of their entire time spent at Algoma U. A full-time International Student Advisor is on staff to provide in-depth orientation programmes to new students, as well as to assist throughout the year with any immigration-related matters or study permit renewals.

Students are also encouraged to take part in a range of recreational activities, such as camping, skiing, and hiking, and a variety of cultural events are specially hosted to help students share their own cultures and traditions. Chinese New Years, Black History Month, and an Eid Feast are just a few of the activities that the school hosts each year.

Other services are specifically available to help support students' individual interests and/or beliefs, including conversation partners for students who would like to improve their English language skills, a Muslim prayer room, international film nights, and the Algoma Multicultural Students Association, or AMSA, which is an organisation run by and for international students. Particularly for students looking to get more directly involved with or take on leadership roles in their school community, Algoma's small size makes it a perfect place to do so.

For those interested in taking advantage of scholarship opportunities, full-time international students can apply for a number of awards, ranging between $500 and $2,500. For more information of international scholarships available, you can visit Algoma's website at www.algomau.ca/awards.

Along with all the social and extra-curricular bonuses of attending such a small, welcoming university as Algoma also come the academic ones. And with more than 40 years experience in offering undergraduate liberal arts and science programs, Algoma University prides itself on offering students a large range of academic choices all taught by highly qualified experts in their respective fields.

So if you or someone you know may be interested in the idea of receiving a top quality, academically challenging education; in a setting where classroom instruction, field-based learning, mentorship and collaborative learning are integrated to create an intensely interactive and engaging environment; in participating in real-world research along with internationally known experts in fields like Business, Community Development, Economics, Biology, Information Technology, Psychology and Computer Science; in living, learning and developing your talents in a friendly supportive environment…. Well then, Algoma University can be the right choice.

Want to know more?
To learn more about attending Algoma University as an international student, you can visit the university's website http://www.algomau.ca - or, get personal counseling to help you with your Canadian university decision by dropping by the Dhaka-based Canadian University Application Centre or 'CUAC' office, located on Gulshan Road. You can also take your first steps towards applying to one of Algoma's comprehensive programs by visiting www.canada123.org and following the easy application instructions, located at the top right-hand corner of the home page.

Additionally, Algoma University staff will be traveling from Canada to Dhaka later this month, and will be present on Friday, November 5th, along with other university representatives from across Canada, at The Westin Dhaka from 12:00 noon to 8pm, ready to answer all your questions with typical Canadian helpfulness.

WHEN: Friday, November 5, 12 noon to 8 pm
WHERE: The Westin Dhaka, Ballroom 3, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

We look forward to meeting you!



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