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     Volume 2 Issue 40| October 17, 2010 |


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Vote for the Sundarbans

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Sundarbans, a UNESCO world heritage site, is known for its rich biodiversity. The Sundarbans is one of the most popular regions in Bangladesh, and for an international sightseer, visiting Bangladesh can never be complete without a trip to the enchanting Sundarbans. Being one of the most beautiful and pristine lands of beauty, the Sundarbans offer everything that a travel destination can provide. Some of its many wonders include its evergreen flora and fauna, a lively cruise through the winding river and a unique local cuisine. Asia defines economical travelling, and it is now very easy for international travelers to visit Sundarbans via Dhaka or Chittagong.

Sundarbans is now a buzzword across the globe. It has been a much talked about issue among tourists and nature lovers, both home and abroad. It offers everything that a nature lover requires to please his or her soul. Sundarbans is now competing with natural wonders around the globe. The victory of Sundarbans will take Bangladesh right there on the list of top travel destinations.

The web address to vote for Sundarbans is: www.new7wonders.com. Bangladeshi Internet users did a commendable job in placing Sundarbans in the topmost position at very beginning of the selection process. More votes are needed to keep the top position until next year. The following measures should be activated without delay.

The concerned authorities and agencies should work actively to design plan and have plea to proper channel in order to find alternative voting formalities other than e-mailing. Other important things to remember; making nationwide awareness, involving the authority of India through Govt. channels, constant support from media and mobile companies, declaring award for voting agents and lastly having an allocation of Government Budget for international lobbying to form a national council with assigned responsibilities.

(Mohammad Shahidul Islam, Faculty at NHTTI, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation)



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