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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 47| December 12, 2010 |


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Who protects our environment?

Belal Hossain

When the conscious persons of a society are engaged in tearing down forests and destroying environment, a question that arises is who is going to stand against the destruction that is inflicted upon the world we live in?

When many countries like Bangladesh are crying out for help as the damaging effects of global warming continue to toke place at an alarming rate, a section of population of our country is blindly destroying our natural resources. They raze trees forgetting their roles in protecting our planet from natural disasters.

Recently, the authorities of Jahangirnagar University have cut down a good number of green trees of different species. These old trees used to stand all the way from the main entrance to the Shaheed Minar road of the campus. They were cut down so that the Shaheed Minar could be seen 'clearly' from the main entrance of the university. The authorities have also leased out some lakes inside the campus for breeding fish. These lakes have been havens for migratory birds during winter season for many years. Breeding of fish may disturb the beautiful ecological balance of the area. For such thoughtless steps, fewer migratory birds are expected this year. What has always been a big winter attraction drawing visitors, both nationals and foreigners in huge numbers, from this year onwards the heartwarming presence of migratory birds will be greatly missed.

Although different political, social and cultural organizations are protesting against these mindless acts, the damage has been done. No action has taken place to revert the damages. Upon witnessing such condemnable damages carried out by the educated section of society, it is a question that will recur in the years to come: who will protect our environment, and our world?

(The writer is a student of English Department, Jahangirnagar University)


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