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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 2 Issue 47| December 12, 2010 |


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Striking A Chord

Winter Chronicles

Elita Karim

Photo: sazzad ibne sayed

Winter is officially in and many embrace the change with pleasure. Of course, questions do arise regarding the gloomy couple of days experienced last week, thanks to the cold rain which made the city damp and depressed. Nevertheless, winter is a season of activities, a time that brings to life many traditions and builds moments for families and friends to spend together.

For one thing, this exciting season brings about a change in the way people dress. This winter, beautiful shawls in pastel colours have come out of the closet or being bought from shops. Shawls are not only part of the traditional attire of shelwar kameez or sarees, many young people make a fashion statement wearing dark and bright shawls with jeans, skirts, tee-shirts and fatuas. The more formal and the stylish have even begun to wear shawls on top of sleeveless shirts, paired with formal trousers and heels, not mention trendy accessories.

A smoky ambience covers many street corners and pavements of the city. This is not only because of the occasional mist which stays heavy due to the pollution and dust; the smoke is created by people who circle together in front of a makeshift bonfire, made in the middle of a pavement. People on the street, especially the ones working late into the night, spend hours around the fire, sharing stories and events from the day. The smoke also comes from the pithas of many kinds, cooked, baked and sold on the streets. The delicious pitha is a winter delicacy and should not be missed.

Young people in many communities and colonies get together, in winter, and build badminton courts. As soon as the clock strikes 6, groups of boys and girls are seen waiting their turn by the courts to get a chance to play. In fact, it is not only the younger people, but the older men and women as well who step out of their homes (you can't miss the trendy and colourful converses they have on!) with their badminton rackets, ready to carry a tournament on the field!

It is also time for everyone to buckle up and clean out your closets off old winter clothes jackets, sweaters, old mufflers, socks, track suits and gloves. As the cold gets worse this year, it is the unfortunate ones on the streets who will suffer. The younger crowd can get together and collect items from homes in their communities and organise groups which can distribute these clothes amongst the needy.

Despite the fact that winter is a season when loved ones get cosy to watch movies over tea and chanachur, it is the season when mosquitoes come out of their hibernation! Out come the mosquito nets after spending months inside the closets, not to mention all sorts of mosquito killer devices and medicines.

For music lovers, the concert season also begins. Look out for the lounges and open spaces, both indoors and outdoors, and you might just find a band playing your favourite music, In a nutshell, by the end of this year, the dullness of winter will be coated with colour and covered with the spirit of people and their activities.

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