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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 2 Issue 47| December 12, 2010 |


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To be Human

Rakibul Hasan

photo: kabir

Real men never treat women with disrespect. It is only the cowards who inflict violence against women. On Friday, December 3, hundreds and thousands of youths along with the leading rock stars of the country expressed their solidarity to stop all kinds of injustice on women. With the motto “Say no to violence against women: be a real man”, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) organised a concert at the Army Stadium, Dhaka, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The powerful presence of the top twelve rock bands of the country such as Nagarbaul, LRB, Miles, Souls, Warfaze, Prometheus, Aurthohin, Cryptic Fate, Metal Maze, Power Surge and Lalon brought defined the motto.

Only the young generation boasts the courage to come forward to resist the social crimes against women like sexual harassment and eve teasing, this was the message spread by the popular rock stars at the concert. “It is great to see all my favourite rock stars on the same platform. They are the icons to the young generation. So when they call out for a noble cause, it will create a great impact amongst the youngsters,” says Rabbi, one of the audiences from Uttara.

The concert was undoubtedly one of the major musical events of the year. People had begun to queue up by the gates long before they were opened. At the first phase of the concert, bands like Cryptic Fate, Power Surge and Metal Maze thrilled the audience with their heavy metal numbers. During this phase of concert the audience were possessed for some time with the demented beats of heavy metal music.

During the evening break, State Minister for Women and Children Affairs, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury appealed to both male and female members of the society to take a pledge on working together to put an end to all the violence against women right now in this December, the month of victory. Hamin Ahmed, the acting president of BAMBA called out to music enthusiasts to stop all forms of harassment against women.

After the break, the rock stars took to the stage for a second time and enchanted the audience by performing some smashing hit tracks. First in the row was popular band Prometheus who performed a couple of songs from both their old ones and a yet to release album. The audience were really exited to see Hamin Ahmed and Shafin Hamid the two music maestros from the band Miles together after months. Once again they elated the audience with their signature songs such as 'Jala Jala' and 'Phiriye Dao.'

LRB enthralled the crowd with their all time hits like 'Hashtey Dekho Gaite Dekho' and patriotic songs like 'Mago Bhabna Keno' signifying the month of victory. The Audience also cheered up with Ayub Bacchu's gifted guitar playing.

Aurthohin performed recent hits like 'Chaitei Paro' and also songs like 'Odvut Cheleti.'

Lalon with its vocal Sumi, the only female vocal in any band at the concert, created a spiritual ambiance at the stadium for a few minutes by performing the philosophic chants of Lalon in a fusion style.

A Festival for the Freshers

Ivan Ahmed

It was the day everyone was waiting for -- the fresher's reception, fashion show and the annual concert 2010 of the department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Chittagong.

At the opening ceremony, the Pro-vice chancellor of Chittagong University, Professor Dr. Md. Alauddin inaugurated the ceremony. The Dean of the biology faculty Professor Dr. Md. Nural Anowar and Dr. Abdul Gafur, Chairman, Botany Dept. were the special guests. The Chairman of the department A. M. Abu Ahmed was also present there to welcome the students. Faculty members also spoke to the incoming batch. Dr. Nazneen Naher Islam, Masudul Azad Chowdhury, Adnan mannan and Laila Khaleda spoke to the students as well. Two students of the department, Asma and Mehjabin, hosted the first part of the programme. The programme started with the National Anthem followed by the recitation from the Holy Qurans by Abdul Musaweer. Then Ivan Ahmed delivered a speech on behalf of the freshers, the sixth batch of the department. The second part was filled with fun and colour! Hosted by Afroza and Moushumi, the presentation was full of life, humorous that made people enjoy. The students of the department recited poetry, danced, walked the ramp in all their glory, sang songs and acted in dramas.

There was firstly a dance performance by Seuti on the Tagore song 'Mor Bhabnare'. After that Kynat, Shahik, Iqbal, Toha, Mehjabin and Papria walked the ramp. Then there was a song “Age Ki Shundor Din Kataitam' by Shubrajit, followed by a musical drama “Hridoye Bangladesh” performed by Asma, Rasel, Jinat, Munir, Murshid Mili, Shipon and Tanha.

After that there was a very hilarious poetry by Shipon titled 'Missed Call' which was presented in chittagonian language. Then there was another ramp show performed by Nishi, Kaynat, Shakespear, Jakia, Nayan, Masud and Ayan. After that there was a stage drama titled 'Patro Dekha' staged by Shipon, Jinat, Sharmin, Rasel, Mili and Munir. The purpose was to denounce the dowry system which was executed in a humorous manner.

Then there was a solo song performance by a senior of the department, Samina. She sang the classic song "Shudhu gaan geye porichoy". A duet song performed by Mili and Shubrajit was an electrifying one too. The song "Protibad" by the famous band Cryptic Fate, performed by Ivan Ahmed in vocals and Reman in guitars. Then Toha and Rasel took the stage and presented a terrific skit about the transsexuals. They did entertain the crowd a lot but also gave them something to think about the condition of this neglected population of our society.

After that again there was a ramp show performed by Rinti, Shahik, Iqbal, Shipon, to Tahsan Khan's "Alo Alo". The models did a great job along with model and actor Hasan Azad who choreographed all the ramp shows. The main attraction of the programme, the short film "3 Losers" directed by Robiul Islam and Rasel alam. Toha, Shipon, Murshid, Nishi, Shamima along with many more acted in the short film. It was a very different attempt enjoyed by everyone

Then the teachers of the department came to the stage. They couldn't help themselves as the students were having so much fun and decided to join them by . A well-known band of Chittagong, "Cactus" rocked the stage by singing some famous songs. Everybody started to dance as the show went on until it was time to go back home. It was the kind of programme that everyone cherished with all their hearts.

(The writer is a student of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Department, University of Chittagong)


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