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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume3Issue 02| January 16, 2011 |


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The AusIS December Celebrations
Courtesy: Australian International School

The Australian International School (AusIS) has a reputation of setting high standards in the context of education and empowering students. Not only does the school believe in setting international benchmarks, but it also upholds local cultures and values. Class-exam-homework is not the typical loop; the school buzzes throughout the year with activities and events that ensure participation from all students.

As a champion of the fair practitioners between education and extracurricular activities last December, AUSIS came up with a series of events. These events were memorable for all the students of the early childhood campus (Age 3-8).

The Victory Day event was a tribute to the war heroes presented by the little flowers of AUSIS. The day began with the national anthem rekindling the patriotic spirit. Other notable performances included the songs Prothom Bangladesh amar shesh Bangladesh and Purbo digonte shurjo utheche. Recital of Shamsur Rahman's Shadhinota Tumi was another memorable performance. Parents, grandparents and proud teachers came to encourage the next generation of responsible citizens.

To warm up the chilly weather the early childhood campus also participated in a winter concert. Music lovers of the age group 3 to 8 joined hands to display their wonderful sense of tone and tune. Christmas was also welcomed with the merry tunes of Here Comes the Santa Claus. To the students' utter surprise, Santa actually came down with a sack full of gifts. Music also found its way in the form of musical chair and pillow passing.

The events left the students and parents with a warm feeling, satisfaction and higher expectations. AusIS plans to come back in 2011 with more surprises.

Photo courtesy: Australian International School



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