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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 5 | Issue 49| December 25, 2011 |


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After Class

Preparing Future Thespians

Md Samiul Khan

Independent University, Bangladesh Theatre club organized a “Workshop Based Production 2011” at their premises where the current members of IUB Theatre showcased their talent in the workshop titled “Art of Theatre and Acting” from September 17 to October 29, 2011, conducted by Reza Shahriar.

On November 30, IUB Theatre staged two plays. One in Bangla named “Patro Sonkote” (an improvisational drama) directed and conceptualised by Reza Shahriar and another one in Engish named “God of Carnage” written by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton and directed by Dr G M Shahidul Alam, Head of Media and Communication Department, IUB and Chief Patron of the club.

Attended by faculty members, administrative members and students, the show was held at the hall of IUB. The show began with the national anthem and was followed by a welcome speech from Dr G M Shahidul Alam. The chief guest of the occasion was Professor M Omar Rahman, Vice-Chancellor (in charge), IUB.

The play “Parto Shonkote” portrayed the scenario of a happy, hostile and friendly character of a village family where the climax occurs when the hero of the play “Romiz” (acted by Shaukat ul Islam) fails to convey to “Mubarak” (played by Asaduzzaman Ripon) regarding marrying his daughter whom he loves. The misinterpretation of Romiz's proposal spreads a rumour across the village. At the end the truth is revealed and the real intention of Romiz comes out in front of the audience and ends up with a happy village marriage ceremony.

IUB Theatre also staged Los Angeles' most Houseful Comedy Theatre show, “God of Carnage”. The plot of the drama was the living room of the Novak house where Michael and Veronica Novak (played by Md. Samiul Khan Pavel and Benazir Izaj Islam respectively) sit on a discussion with Annette and Alan Raleigh (played by Afia Fahmida and Rifat Zaman respectively) about a fight of between their children regarding the playground. The discussion starts in civilised way as both of parents try come to a solution for their children's betterment. But gradually it grows into a fiery argument and end up with nothing but messing the entire plot.

The main motto of this programme was to exhibit the output of the workshop and give a flavour of theatre to the new thespians and prepare them for next big productions in future both in Bangla and English. This has been the practice of IUB Theatre even since its inception.

(The writer is a student of IUB and the Vice President of IUB Theatre.)

A scene from a play staged by IUB Theatre.

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