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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 49| December 25, 2011 |


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Celebrating 40 years of Victory in Chittagong College

Sristi Barua

Early morning on December 16, I hurried to my college wearing a red and green sari. After reaching my campus I found the cadets of BNCC Naval Wing, BNCC Army Wing, Bangladesh Rover Scout, standing in a queue to show the guard of honour to our national flag. Our Principal Professor Shekhar Dastider stood boastfully while we were singing the national anthem and he was slowly hoisting our national flag. This flag makes us proud of the gallantry shown by our Muktibahini (Freedom Fighters), who waged a war for justice and freedom and fought valiantly against the Pakistani Army for the birth of our country. After singing the national anthem, all the students and teachers placed flowers at the pedestal of our memorial for the martyrs in a dignified manner. A cultural function, discussion meeting and prize distribution ceremony of an essay competition had been arranged by the students and college authority.


Our Principal, who was an active freedom fighter in the liberation war of 1971, selected the patriotic songs which played a role in inspiring our warriors during the war. After our performance of the songs, the college professors made their valuable speeches carrying the significance of our freedom. It is a matter of great regret that even after 40 years of victory, the people of Bangladesh still suffer because of illegal political forces and the war criminals are yet to be captured. These relevant issues were highlighted in their speeches. In the 3rd session, the winners of the essay competition were awarded. The essay competition included topics related to our Liberation War. It was an effective initiative to germinate the thoughts of victory in the minds of the young generation through writing.

Marking the 40 years of Victory, the department of English brought out a wall magazine. This step was highly praised and encouraged by the teachers. As we are studying under National University, we lack many facilities. The wall magazine which we named 'Scribblings' left the footprints of the creative endeavours of the students. On the opening programme of the wall magazine, the principal mentioned, “In this materialistic world, there is a dire need of literary and cultural practice. Our generation is becoming machine-like. The purpose of education is now focused on earning a big amount after graduation, rather than gaining knowledge. If a student of literature swims in the realm of creative imagination and becomes a voracious reader, the purpose of literature will be actually served.”

The liberation war, even today, brings out emotions, especially when we listen to the stories from the surviving Freedom Fighters. But are we rising to the expectations of our hopeful freedom fighters? That is the real question, which is still left to be answered.

(The writer is a third year honours student of the Department of English, Chittagong College.)

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