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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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After Class

Heritage Walk through Old Dhaka

Mozammel Hossain

It is not hidden from the common knowledge that the Dhaka city began at the banks of the Buriganga River. One can see all the glorious architecture of the city centering this river. Today these buildings are dwarfed by the modern skyscrapers; being forgotten by the civilised world gradually. To remind people of these structures' magnificent history, Canvas Club of North South University (NSU) organised a tour along the Buriganga on December 9, 2011.

courtesy: NSU Canvas Club

The journey started at the Bahadur Shah Park with about 75 students of NSU, teachers and local residents. The first stop was Ruplaal house. Standing on the court yard of the house, everyone was awed by the beauty; many did not even know that such place existed in Dhaka. Then we moved on to another vestige of our history, Lal kuthi.

For lunch, we came back to Bahadur Shah Park and had the famous Hajji's Biriyani. With fully loaded stomach, we continued our journey to satisfy our craving for history and cultural heritage. Thus we went to Shakhari Bazaar to see one of the dying craft of making Shakha.

Courtesy: NSU Canvas Club

After a short break for prayer, we met at the Ahsan Manjil, where a very well-informed guide showed us around. We learnt many new things about our own history from him. Following the guided tour, we naturally had to have two of the snacks most associated with old Dhaka, Jilapi and Bakhorkhani.

Enjoying the cool breeze of Dhaka winter, we had a pleasant boat ride to Choto Katra. Sadly Choto Katra was one of those unfortunate places which could not hold on to its previous grandeur. Being reminded of the importance of historic preservation by the poor state of Choto Katra, we went to Boro Katra. After roaming around the Madrasa in Boro Katra we decided to end our journey with the relishing Kebabs of Chawk Bazaar.

We believe this was not an end of the tour; it was merely the beginning of many such journeys that we are determined to take in the future.

(The writer is the president of NSU Canvas Club)


Jon Bon Jovi

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