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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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University life
A personal blog

Tasneem Tarannum

In this part of the world, university life begins after the 12th year of schooling when most pupils reach 18-22 years of age. In case of many students, upon completion of university education, technically it is the end of their valuable academic life. Also at this part of life, pupils are one step forward towards a more practical life, building their career as they choose to pursue distinct discipline of study. In many ways this part of life is crucial and holds huge implications in an individual's life. The knowledge, skills, attitudinal and behavioral development are usually carried further in a person's life.

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

This is when we are most impulsive, active, outgoing and determined. Suddenly life takes a new turn and everyone is unleashed from the stringent rules and regulations. Pupils are considered adults and hence more capable of taking their own decisions. And then it is the part of the life, when our hidden talents get limelight as we are given the opportunity to showcase our skills and talents. Many people engage themselves in extracurricular activities like debating or singing. So we get to know ourselves more--our weaknesses and our strengths. We realize our niches. Some realize they are good in public speaking, many develop good communication and managerial skills while others develop good writing skills. Since at this part of the life, people are closer to facing real life challenges, students should revise their goals. They should start prioritizing and developing good habits and learn to adapt to a new way of life.

Many friends are made; many strong emotional attachments and memories are created too. For many it is the time they get acquainted with the feelings of true love, which, in many cases, results in marriage. One good look at any university campus will give us the views of love birds gaily walking here and there.

However this is the time when there is a great chance for students to go astray, since they do not understand the difference between good and evil. Students get involved in all sorts of undesirable activities and ruin their precious lives. Interestingly, people get to meet and make most friends from different disciplines and walks of life. Not all of them turn out to be good friends after all. Bad company influences adoption of wrong ways and hence ultimately ruins the life of many potential students. Many get involved in dirty politics shattering the long cherished dreams of their parents. Here is the role of the university professors and teachers who, apart from disseminating textbook knowledge, can positively influence this delicate group by teaching them the right conduct, social and moral ethical values and all other virtues of life.

For many people, like me, who have surpassed this life become nostalgic, remembering the good old days of their care free university lives. Ask any person about the moment in life they cherish the most, their answer would definitely be their golden days of university life. Lastly, I believe there are certain parts of life where we do not get second chance-- once we make a mistake there is no turning back and hence, we have to be wise enough not to indulge in any wrong doings and make most of the time we have. To all the university goers, let us dream big and turn towards a more prosperous future. Let us develop ourselves to become the person a family, a society and a country would be proud to have.

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