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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Turn the Page

Usually exams come, make our life hell and leave us. Sometimes it gives us happiness, for which we start having expectations for the next exam to go well and sometimes the results are bitter. And that is what I had to face during my math exam! There were 8 questions when I first saw the paper and I had about 40 minutes to complete it. I thought of doing it slowly and steadily. I was very happy because I could solve the 8 questions. As I was almost done, I heard one of my friends whipser to another about 'question 9' being really tough. I froze to that statement thinking, "where the hell was question 9?" I could not put my pen down to turn the page when our teacher had asked to submit the paper. I realised that there was another question at the back of the page which carried about 8 marks! In that test I passed with a 42 over 50 and making my mom sign the paper and telling her the reason behind not finishing it was not very pleasant.

Fariha Hossain

Trouble to Be Continued…

Back when I was in the 6th grade, I used to be one of the mischievous students in class. I had once knocked a girl down, after which our admin warned me to stay away from that girl and said that any further mischief would put me into great trouble. I was standing in the balcony with my friend one day when I saw that girl come and stand next to us. I tried to ignore her as I decided not to create any more mayhem. Suddenly, I found her grimacing at me. I totally ignored her trying to cool my anger and took my friend's hand and ran to the class. When I glanced back, I found that I had mistakenly grabbed that girl's hand and dragged her inside instead of my friend's! She looked at me in terror and started shaking as if I would hit her again and ran straight to the admin. What happened next is not that hard for you to imagine!

Syeda Naziza Ahmed
Mastermind School,

Sheer Loss!

When I was in school, I loved to collect coins. I had a Bank made of ceramic where I kept my collection safe. When it was full I broke it and kept some of the coins in my t-shirt pocket and one in my hand. Once, I was walking down in front of my house, playing with the coin and humming to myself. I flipped it upwards and tried to catch it again and again and all of a sudden it fell on the road and kept rolling towards a drain. I kept following the coin and reached at the edge of the drain. When I leaned forward a little more, the rest of my coins fell into the drain from my pocket! I was speechless for the time being and felt aweful about the way I lost all of the coins for the sake of one coin!

Kamrul Hasan
Jagannath University,

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