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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 11 | March 18, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Wanna Eat Alone!

It was the second year (class VIII) of our cadet life in Fazlul Haque House of MCC (Mirzapur Cadet College), a year that could be easily compared to a time spent in hell. We used to live on the 1st floor; room Number 15 which we referred to as paradise. It accommodated 10 Cadets; a mixture of class VIII & IX. Mehedi 'bhai' (suffixed as a norm) of class IX was our dorm leader. My friend, Riasad had the bunk towards the end. One day he had fetched an 'Energy Biscuit' from the canteen beforehand for a late night snack. But the noise of packet when it was torn awakened Mehedi Bhai. Riasad got no time when he heard the noise that Mehedi Bhai's sandals had made. He was caught red-handed. To take its vengeance, next day, Riasad made the same kind of sound but with polythene. Our dorm leader came to punish Riasad and got fooled instead. No sooner had he turned back that Riasad opened the biscuit packet he bought. Mehedi Bhai did not bother with the sound as he thought it to be a fake sound again!

Mostafa Sadik
Mirzapur Cadet College

My first presentation in University

I once spent one whole night studying and preparing my scripts for my presentation. There were rules that all the marketing students will give presentations on a fixed date and we will all question the presenter about the topic specified to him or her. My classmates were very pestering in nature and were prepared to question each other on the day of the presentation to make a couple of students nervous. I was already very nervous with my presentation and my friends' preparation of humiliating students made me even more nervous. So I just planned to make my script in a way that my fellow classmates will not bother me with questions. I found out every ins and outs of my topic, probable questions that might arise and gave the answers in a structured way so that no one can ask any questions. I rushed to the class that day as I was late in preparing myself for the presentation. My fellow classmates were also ready to make me nervous. I started my presentation and then finished successfully!

Kazi Zeenat Mitu
American International University, Bangladesh, Dhaka

Where Is My Class?

When I was in class five I had to give my terminal exam. It was one of the most important exams because it would decide which students would be able to sit for the scholarship exam. I was very anxious and tensed about the exam.But when I entered the room where the exam would take place I was shocked to discover that it was not my class and invigilator said that class 1 and 2 children are going to give their tests here. I searched other floors but could not find my classmates or the class where the exam was going to take place. I asked the school worker if they knew anything about class five's exam but none of them knew. Some teachers asked me what happened, but I was too afraid to talk. It scared me the most when I saw invigilators of other classrooms were distributing the exam papers. Finally a teacher came and asked me why I was scared. He just smiled and said, ''Have you brought your admit card?'' I said yes. He told me to check my admit card. To my utter surprise I discovered that my exam was scheduled at 11:30 and I was four hours early for my test. The teacher then called a school worker and instructed him to take me home.

Kanite Maisha
Motijheel Ideal School and College, Dhaka.

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