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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 13 | April 01, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Creator Extraordinaire

Writer, Producer and Director
Saquib Nazar
Talks to
Rakibul Hasan

Courtesy: Saquib nazar

I finished my O level exams from South Breeze School, Dhaka. Later on I moved to Mastermind School and completed my A levels. School life was fun and I was known to my friends as a crazy person. As a student I was never obedient and I can still remember how I used to bunk classes by faking hiccups!

After completing my A levels I moved to the USA for higher studies in filmmaking at Full Sail University, Orlando. Despite being a student of science, I had always wanted to study filmmaking as I have always felt a creative urge within me and I wanted to master the art of making a camera. University was bit of a culture shock as I was the only Bangladeshi student in my class. But I recovered the 'unease' very quickly and made a lot of friends. Since I was always interested in applying my skills into the practical field, I established a company named NutterQuib Entertainment while I was still a student at the university. The company used to produce music videos for the local artists some of which became very famous later on. I also made five independent films, which were screened in different film festivals all across the USA.

After finishing my studies at Full Sail University, I moved to Los Angeles where I got to work with high profile artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Chris Brown. I worked as a producer for the music video for the song 'You and I' by Lady Gaga and also produced a music video for the track 'Snapbacks Back' by Tyga (featuring Chris Brown).

I came to Bangladesh for a vacation in January this year. After coming to Bangladesh my friend Zeheen Ahmed, who also happens to be the lead guitarist of the band Mechanix, came to me and convinced me to make a music video for a Mechanix number. The video is soon going to be released on MTV, USA. Presently I am collaborating with a company named Big Bang Films from where I am also making music videos for famous Bangladeshi bands like Power Surge and Joint Family.

I have always felt that Bangladesh is full of talented people and in recent years a lot of modern technology has also been introduced. There is no way that we cannot produce world class films from Bangladesh. I think despite having its distinctive qualities, films made by talented Bangladeshi directors are not getting the international exposure that they deserve. During my stay in the USA, I met with legendary Bangladeshi actress, Babita in Chicago when she came there as the ambassador of the organisation 'The Distress Children & Infants International' (DCII). She inspired me to make a Bangla feature film which will be of international quality. The film is already in its pre-production stage and I expect it to be screened to the international audience when released.

My dream is to make one or two mainstream feature films for Hollywood one day. In future, I hope to come up with a music label from my company NutterQuib Entertainment which will be dedicated to Bangladeshi musicians, where they will be promoted in the international arena. This is how I aspire to make a difference to the entertainment scene in my country.

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