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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 13 | April 01, 2012 |


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News Snap

2nd Bangladesh Physics Olympiad hosted by North South University

The 2nd Bangladesh Physics Olympiad, 2012, National Round was held at North South University (NSU) on March 25. The Olympiad was conducted by the Bangladesh Physics Olympiad Committee, organised by NSU. The aim of this Olympiad was to acquaint the youth with Science which will help the country to merge independently.


A closing ceremony was arranged on the same day, which was chaired by Professor Md Abdus Sattar, Vice Chancellor (in-charge), NSU. Dilip Barua, Minister, Ministry of Industries, who is a Physics graduate himself from Dhaka University, was present as the chief guest at the programme. Md Shahjahan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, NSU, Professor Shamsher Ali, President, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Professor Ahmed Shafee, Vice Chancellor, East West University, Aminul Haque, Managing Director, Bangla Vision were present as the special guests at the programme. Professor Khorshed A Kabir, Chairman, Bangladesh Physics Olympiad Committee was also present at the occasion.

The first Bangladesh Physics Olympiad was held last year where five students from the college level got selected as participants for the '42nd International Physics Olympiad' which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Bangladeshi participants appeared promising and won one Best Newcomers award and two Honorable Mention awards.

Encouraged by the success, some of the front line physicists of Bangladesh, including Professor Khorshed A Kabir, Department of Physics, Dhaka University, Professor Mohammed Zafar Iqbal, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shahajalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Professor Arshad Momen, Department of Physics, Dhaka University formed Bangladesh Physics Olympiad Committee which conducted the Physics Olympiad this year at the divisional level in all seven divisions. The contest comprised of students from class 7 to 8, class 9 to 10 and class 11 to12 respectively.

About 400 students from the three different categories (A, B and C) won the regional contests and had qualified for the national round held at the North South University. In the contest 20 students from category A and B and 18 students form category C were selected as winners. The 18 winners of the category C and top seven from category B will be trained. Finally five students selected from these 25 participants will be sent to the 43rd international Physics Olympiad to be held in Estonia in July, 2012. The First Security Islami Bank was the co-sponsor of the event.

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