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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 45 | November 11, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Scary Misconception

A funny incident took place when I was in class eleven. I was getting ready to go to college. Botany was the first class of the day and I was late. When I just entered school, a lot of the students were still getting into class. Our botany teacher looked a lot like one of my friends. Though he was above thirty years old, he looked like a college student. Usually, he dressed a lot differently and made sure he didn't get too friendly with the students. However, mistaking him as my friend, I hit him on the shoulder from behind. When he looked back at me, I was embarrassed and completely speechless! I was so scared; I didn't know what to do. I, instantly, said sorry and walked away before he could say anything!

Shofik Hasan
Government Kiamat Ullah College,

A Disastrous Nap

It was a Saturday morning and was almost 11 AM. I was already a little late for my private class which I had to attend at 11:30 AM sharp. Since I stayed at my uncle's place the previous night, which is in Rampura, I had to take a bus from there to Dhanmondi. Luckily, within a short time, the bus came, and I also got a seat easily which, now a days, needs a lot of struggle to get. Since the distance from Rampura to Dhanmondi was of a big margin, I decided to listen to some music and so I put on my headphone and played one track after another. After a little while, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I realised that I was still in the place I had started off from! I, then, realised that I had slept so long that the bus went all the way to Dhanmondi and came back to Rampura! It was so funny! But I also learned to be more careful while travelling since then on!

Sakkhor Saha
Oxford International School, Dhaka

What a Joke!

A friend of mine, from a rich family, always bragged about his urban background. As luck would have it, he somehow persuaded his parents to accompany our family to our native village during the last summer holiday to get a sense of rural living. I showed him around the richness of the simple yet beautiful village sceneries. One day, I wanted to take a dip in the big pond next to my grandfather's house. My friend wanted to join and, suddenly, jumped into the water. A hungry leech ('joke' in Bengali) took the opportunity to dig a deep hole into his navel to feast on his blood. My friend was frightened and quickly jumped out of the water. The local kids, who had gathered around, started shouting, “Joke! Joke! (leech! leech!)” My friend got very angry and shouted back, “Two inches gone (into my body) and you still call it a joke?” Even though, later we took care of the situation, when we remember his language mishap, we can't help but giggle!

Syed Towsif Imran
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka.

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