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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 6 | Issue 48 | December 02, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Melody All the Way

Rashed Uddin Ahmed Topu
Talks to
Apurba Jahangir

Courtesy: Topu

I studied at Ispahani Public School up to class six. Life at school was pretty normal for me. In terms of study, I was mediocre. One can say that I led a simple life like normal kids.

In 1994, I got admitted to Barisal Cadet College and started a whole new life in a much more disciplined manner. There, I got involved into sports. I played almost every sport at the Cadet College, from cricket to basketball. I was not into music until my father got me my first guitar. It was a gift from him for my good results in the SSC exams in 1998. My musical soul was discovered that very day. I also finished my HSC exams from Barisal Cadet College.

After my HSC, I went to North South University for my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and later on, I did my MBA from there. My musical journey officially started in my university. My friends and I used to sit on the stairs and sing our hearts out with an acoustic guitar. I was also involved with NSUSS (North South University Shangskritik Shongothon) and that added to my interest for music. Tony Vincent Gomes (Drummer of Black) gave me my first break as a singer. Tony bhai was launching a mixed album called 'Shopnochura' with a lot of new upcoming bands. He told me to form a band if I wanted my song to be included in the album. So that is how my band 'Yaatri' was first formed and I, as a singer, came into the spotlight, with my song ‘Ek paaye nupur’.

My idols in music would be Bryan Adams, Michel Jackson, Lucky Ali and Anjan Dutta. I have been a fan of their since I was a child and they truly inspire me a lot. Right now, I am working on my next solo album -- 'Aar Tomake,' which is going to be released very soon. After this, I am going to work on a mixed album with some new bands and singers. I am planning to produce this album. So yes, a lot of projects are in the pipeline. I also got married a couple of months ago, so I intend to spend quality time with my family as well.

For the upcoming musicians, I would like to say -- be honest to your work. Don't run after cheap fame because that does not last. If you are really honest with your work, fame comes automatically. And to my fans and well wishers, I would like to thank them wholeheartedly. Without their love and support, I am unable to carry myself as efficiently as I am doing at present.

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