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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 48 | December 02, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A Class Robbery!

It was during the days when we were called, 'the detective girls.' Our class teacher was robbed! She let out a loud scream when she realised her purse was missing. “Who has stolen my purse? And I want to hear the truth, students!” She said angrily. We knew it was our job to find her purse and, somehow, I had doubted Salma, a student who was perfect in everything! I don't know why, but despite the fact that she was perfect, I doubted her a lot! She always looked so mischievous.

The next day, I pushed Salma purposely, because I knew she had hidden something in her pocket. Because of that push, Salma fell on the floor and there it was! The purse! I found the purse! I still don't know how I knew it was her. Detective instincts, you might say! The teacher looked at Salma surprisingly. Salma closed her eyes and gave just ran for it. You can imagine what had happened after that!

Nuzhat Tabassum Tahiya
Bir Shrestha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka

Noses Don't Lie

I have been studying in the North South University for the past two years. After the universtiy made it mandatory for the students of BBA to come to class for four days a week, I could actually say that this university is like my second home because I'm always there. The guards and all the other staff members are my acquaintances. So one day, I went to NSU, only this time with a haircut and wearing my spectacles. I was already late for my mid-term exam. I arrived at the gate and showed them my ID, which was weird since I never had to do so, but they refused to let me in because, apparently, my face didn't match the picture in my ID card. They just wouldn't believe it and, funny part is, I had tea with them the previous day! I ended up missing my exam and at last Mr Hafiz came by, stared at me for 5 minutes and came to the conclusion that I must be the same person because of the same nose in the picture. Apparently, “noses don't lie”

Hasan Ali
North South University, Dhaka

Accent Alert

When I was in class six, we had a class teacher named Nilmoni. He used to teach us English. He was, all in all, a good teacher, but he had a really annoying, fake British accent. And he was the only teacher, who made it compulsory to communicate in English in his class. One day, he was taking a class about tag question in his really weird fake accent. The word that he kept saying, over and over, was pretty hard to understand because of the accent. The class was almost finished and he asked us if we had any questions. Husham, a student from Noakhali, raised his hand and said, “can you pelesh repeat shobkichu (everything) in fuluent engreji (fluent english)? It ij (is) hard to underishtand (understand)”. After this incident Nilmoni sir never spoke in that fake accent again.

Abir Rahman
Notre Dame College, Dhaka

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