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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 51 | December 23, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

My Uncle's disappointment

One of my uncles is a voracious eater. He is especially fond of kacchi biriyani but, for some reason, hates Chinese food. One day, my parents and I were going to attend a wedding ceremony where, he was told, kacchi biriyani would be served. So he also joined us with eager expectation to fill his ever hungry stomach with his favourite dish from the Mughal cuisine. Unfortunately, when we had reached within half a kilometre of our destination we were caught in a terrible traffic jam for half an hour. My uncle was getting impatient and got out of the car to walk the remaining distance on foot. A few minutes later, the traffic started moving and we reached the party to take part in the feast. Unfortunately, by the time he reached there, the hosts had run out of his favourite biriyani. When we finally located him he was found eating his meals. Can you guess what he was eating? Chinese food! The hosts, who were embarrassed by the shortage, had hastily arranged it from a nearby food joint.

Syed Towsif Imran
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka.

A Journey by Bus

During my first year at Dhaka University (DU), I didn't know that the university authority provides its students with transport service. However, eventually I got to know about the service from a friend and one day I got into one of the DU buses after class. Strangely enough, I discovered all of my co-passengers were female and everybody was staring at me in a weird manner. Though, being a guy, I was enjoying the company of so many girls, their stares were scaring me! Only when the bus reached its destination and I was about to get down, a girl was kind enough to tell me that the ground floor of that double-decker bus was reserved only for girls. I made a complete fool of myself on my very first journey in a DU bus!

Nazim Siddiqui
University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

Odd Mistake

When I was in ninth grade, two of my cousins and I studied in the same school. One day, we were coming home together by rickshaw. Coincidentally, it was Friendship Day that very day. All three of us had friendship bands adorned all around our hands. After a while, we noticed that a group of boys, on another rickshaw, were following us. Their rickshaws stopped in front of our rickshaw. All three of us became nervous. Suddenly, one of them started video taping! We got really embarrassed. In the mean time, one other boy shouted, "HAPPY MARRIAGE DAY!!" We started laughing so much! All the boys on the rickshaw got so surprised, while we laughed uncontrollably. The boy finally understood that he said 'happy marriage day' instead of 'happy friendship day'. They all got so embarrassed, and their 'cool' attitude vanished within a second!

Sadia Asgar
North South University, Dhaka.

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