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        Volume 6 | Issue 51 | December 23, 2012 |


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Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Models: Soraya, Tousif, Saddaf, Nayena, Bushra, Anika, Fardin

Shawls are perfect for Eastern outfits.

Everyone loves winter. No matter how much they complain on and on about the bitter cold, the numb fingers or the runny noses, winter brings a peaceful and serene feeling compared to the hype and adrenaline of summer. It is time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite winter delicacies in your favourite hangout spot while keeping warm with your hands wrapped around a mug of steaming hot coffee. Yes, winter is quite the charmer, but not only when it comes to delicacies like pitha or a good game of badminton. The real charm that comes with winter is when one thinks of nothing other than fashion. It is finally that time of the year, to let your inner fashion fanaticsout and not just follow trends, but make your own. This story will give you some good ideas on how to make it all happen in a fixed and reasonable budget!

With winter fashion comes textures, colours (although too often these are just shades of black and grey and crème!), trims, and multiple layers of clothing. We are suddenly inundated with options of what to wear, and which fashion trends to follow. It can all get pretty confusing! But when you have a store like Doja (Badruddoja Market, opposite Dhaka College), there is not much one has to worry about when it comes to finding the right pieces of garments at an extremely reasonable price (especially, if you have great bargaining skills!).

Turtle-necks are always 'in' this season.  

Someone asked me a couple of days ago why I was so 'pro-doja' when there are other stores with bigger names. I gave them numerous reasons but the affordability was the key selling point. Let's take Tk 1500 into account and explore options, shall we?

Boys will find Heaven on Earth (thinking strictly in terms of fashion and shopping, of course) when they want to buy some good winter wear in Doja Market. Jackets, t-shirts, shirts, sweater vests, cardigans, sweat-shirts, track jackets, track pants, sweat pants, whatever your calling for the day, week or month, you will find it all.

One of the many apparels that are in this year is the jacket. Bomber jackets, which are short, usually around waist-length, square jackets, are very stylish these season. They are quite a casual jacket option, and go well with your favourite pair of jeans. A classic style, they are always around, but have been pushed closer to the forefront of the fashion trends for this winter. Bomber jackets can be found in Doja for around Tk 400 all the way to even 1500 (if you want the real good ones). But if you must buy them, make sure you take someone with great bargaining skills with you if you can't do it yourself. If you combine this jacket with a pair of jeans, costing around Tk 400 to 600, and a funky t-shirt or cardigan inside, costing Tk 150-300, your style is bound to catch notice. There are of course, many other trendy jackets in Doja Market for those who like to play a different ball game. Track Jackets are also very in nowadays. Finding one of a popular brand (which, by the way, will not be original) is going to be a piece of cake! Puma, Nike, Adidas, whatever the brand, find your favourite in a lighter shade of bright colour like red or yellow and brighten up a dull winter day for the people who just won't be able to take their eyes off of you! Boys also have the option to buy brilliant and sophisticated cardigans (as mentioned above) or sweater vests. These apparels give one a very elegant and charming look. They can be paired up with jeans or even a pair of formal trousers and it'll look just as good. Rounding up the rational prices of each apparel, one whole outfit will not cost one more than Tk 1500.

Cardigans are ideal for boys this winter.

Girls have more options than boys when it comes to winter fashion-- long cardigans, short cardigans, long sweater dresses, trench coats, swing coats and so much more! Winter is an absolute fest for the ladies who love their fashion and what better place to put that thirst for style to use than in Doja?

Doja has a range of apparels suitable not only for this season but also your style.

One of the many essentials for girls during this winter is a good pair of leggings. Leggings are fun, warm and fashionable clothing during the winter. You have loads of options, including tights, thigh highs, knee-highs and many choices of fabric. Not only are there many types, but there are also so many colours and this means that you can match your leggings to ANY outfit! If you want to get a look that's a bit different then try some patterned tights, perhaps a herringbone or fishnet as these look a little unusual and can give you a unique look. Leggings will cost one around Tk 150 only. So gear up on these babies, because they will be absolutely necessary this season.

Track jackets can be a stylish pick for boys.


With long cardigans and sweater dress tops very much in fashion now, you must be sure to buy at least a couple for those special occasions with friends to look both suave and casual. The variety of colours that these wears can be found in is overwhelming! Starting from your ordinary blues and blacks, there's teal, beige, turquoise, violet and so much more. These apparels will cost one not more than Tk 500. Hook them up with a pair of leggings or even jeggings (leggings made of jeans- very in nowadays!), which will cost you not more than Tk 200 and you can be absolutely sure to catch some notice on your way to class or work. Trench coats and alike will cost just about the same and are absolutely perfect with sarees and salwar kameezes. And of course, when one is going about things on a more eastern track, shawls are the way to go for both boys and girls. Whether cashmere, pashmina or just woolen, shawls are perfect with the more desi kind of attire and don't look half bad with western too!

Taking the chilly nights into consideration which will literally make one shiver to the bones, one cardigan will never be enough. The long knee length sweaters have been very in style for the past couple of years, and it's back this season to help you beat the chills, costing Tk 400-500. When you take a long cardigan, a knee or thigh length sweater and pair of leggings, rest assured, you will have yourself a more than just an admirable outfit in less than, once again, Tk 1500!

Colours such as beige and grey compliment the weather really well.

Some of the basic essentials needed for this season, for both boys and girls, are socks, mufflers and the age-old denim jeans. Jeans can be found in Doja Market ranging from Tk 300-600, while mufflers and socks will only cost you Tk 100 and Tk 50-100, respectively.

One thing you must always remember when selecting winter clothes is that you should respect the weather more than anything. We have had articles and features time and again about how bright colours are fit for the summer. If that is so, it is only obvious that the exact opposite are fit for the winter. Opt for cooler colours like white, blue, green, violet and teal. If you are fan of the brighters ones, pick lighter shades of warm colours like apricot instead of orange, or butter yellow instead of the bright one.


Tip No. 1 : Wear thermal underwear that fits like a glove and is well ventilated yet insulates so well without creating additional bulk. You could skip a layer or two of clothing in a mild winter night and get away with it. The fewer layers you wear, the slimmer you look. It should be tight fitting. A bonus of tight winter underwear is that it acts as a sort of girdle to hold in the saggy bits of fat, giving you a slimmer silhouette.

Tip No. 2 : If you are going to wear a dress or skirt, make your legs look slimmer by wearing wool stockings. Choose one in black or a very dark color where possible, for that slimming effect.

Tip No. 3 : Wear fewer layers made of warmer fabrics. Winter is the time to take out your cashmere and wear it. Wear wool or silk instead of thick layers of cotton. Boys can always opt for the masculine shawls found in both Doja Market and many other markets around the city to wear with Panjabis and Kurtas.

Tip No. 4 : Wear coats that hint at your figure. A too tight coat with unsightly bulges makes you look fatter. A coat that fits well flatters your figure.

Tip No. 5 : Keep warm with a gorgeous cashmere shawl. It doesn't add bulk to your frame, instead, it perks up your look beautifully. Better than a necklace in that besides making you look great, it keeps you warm. Boys can always opt for the masculine shawls found in both Doja Market and many other markets around the city to wear with Panjabis and Kurtas.


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