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Volume 5 Issue 05 | May 2011



Original Forum

Readers' Forum

Press Freedom: Still a Far Cry
--AJM Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan
Repressing the Press in Pakistan --Iqbal Khattak
Of Elusive Freedoms
--Somnath Batabyal
Bangladesh Cinema:
Decaying…or Rebirthing?

--Zakir Hossain Raju
The Power of Television
--Jyoti Rahman
Female Directors, Female Gaze:
The Search for Female Subjectivity in Film

--Rubaiyat Hossain
A Photo Feature:
Unsung Heroes of the Night
Cinema as the Work of Art in the
Age of Digital Reproduction

--Fahmidul Haq

Contemplating Media Freedom
--G.M. Shahidul Alam

Of Democracy and Media Freedom
--Mubashar Hasan

'Equal Property Right':
Much Ado about Nothing

--Kaberi Gayen

Our Migrant Workers:
Hands that Feed the Country

--Ziauddin Choudhury
Righting Past Wrongs
--Kartick Chandra Mandal


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The familiar whistle in the dead of night; a couple of heads in monkey caps bent over a flask of tea on street corners; the looming shadow, stick in hand . . .

When everyone sleeps in the cover of night, it is the 'darwans' or night guards who are awake and responsible for ensuring their security. Their salary of a few thousand takas seems a joke compared to the crores' worth of property which they guard. In order to make ends meet, some of them pull rickshaws or are engaged in other income-generating work during the day and, understandably, sometimes the long nights get to be a bit much. Do these men who protect us in the darkest hours not deserve more?

This May Day, Forum pays tribute to the

Unsung Heroes of the Night
A Photo Feature by Prito Reza

Prito Reza is a freelance photojournalist.

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