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June 20, 2003

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Dear Mita,
I'm a senior student at DU. I have a sister who passed her SSC exams last year. I brought her to Dhaka and bore all her expenses so she could pursue her studies. She did fine in her first year here but got only a simple First Division in her HSC's which really disappointed me. She took coaching for medical college and sat for admission tests at several institutions but failed. Disappointed, I sent her home and didn't let her sit for the admission test under National University. I'm quite frustrated and don't know what to do with her now. Please help me.
--A very worried brother

Dear Brother,
Although I empathise with your frustration, I think that you are being a little unfair on your sister. She might have tried her best and still did not make it to the profession of your choice. I am not sure how wise it was for you not to let her sit for the admission test for National University. I suggest that you ask her what she wants to study and what her interests are. Perhaps she will do better in subjects that she likes. Sending her back home will shut options for her and in future she might blame you for it. I am sure that you have her best interest at heart but in order to really help her you must take her into confidence.

Dear Mita,
I am 22 and studying BBA at DU. I'm in love with a girl also at DU, studying Economics. But we're both very ambitious and bent on achieving good academic results. So much so that we hardly have time for each other but sometimes I feel really bored when we can't meet. I have many friends but no one special I can express myself to. What can I do?

Dear Confused,
BBA is a tough course and needs a lot of hard work. I do not see any problem if you both have made it a priority to get good grades. Perhaps at this stage of your lives this is what is required. You will have lots of time to be together later on. The important thing is to feel confident and good about your relationship. And sometimes if you feel really bored there is again nothing wrong in seeing her.

Dear Mita,
I am a 1st Year Honours student. When I was in Class 9, I developed a habit of masturbating and it went on for years. But after reading a health page in a youth magazine which said, “Masturbation is not harmful to health, but this bad habit should be given up for sure”, I tried really hard and finally gave up the habit. But a few months ago, the health page of a renowned Bangla paper said, “For those who are afraid to masturbate due to baseless fears: it is not “not bad” for health, but actually good. You should keep your sex organ active.” A common health suggestion in western countries is “Use it or lose it”. Masturbation is supposedly a way of staying sexually active and healthy and is encouraged. Now I'm confused. Is it actually good or bad for health? And is it right on moral and religious grounds?

Dear ND,
I am not qualified to answer your question and therefore suggest that you take the help of a medical doctor.


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