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June 20, 2003

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File photo dated 04 January 1998 shows US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton dancing on the beach of Megan Bay, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands shortly after taking a swim. A poll of New York voters released 05 June 2003 finds them divided on the issue of why the former First Lady Hillary Clinton penned her soon-to-be released memoirs. Twenty-eight percent said the book was meant to lay groundwork for a future presidential run, while 27 percent believe her main motivation. Photo:AFP


Miss Dominican Republic Amelia Vega smiles after she was crowend Miss Universe 2003, 03 June 2003 in Panama City, Panama. Seventy-one delegates participate in the 52nd Annual Miss Universe Competition. Photo:AFP


A mother helps her daughter to cast her vote in the ballot box 07 June 2003 in one of Warsaw's voting points during the EU referendum. Some 29.5 million Polish voters were registered to go to the polling stations for the two-day referendum. Photo:AFP


Fataki, a baby Western Lowland Gorilla, clings to the back of it's mother Frala at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, 04 June 2003. Fataki born on 24 May and an offspring of Kibabu the zoo's magnificent Silverback Gorilla, joins it's sister Mbeli who was born in February, adding to the success of the zoo's breeding program of the Gorillas which live in tropical forests in central and western Africa. Photo:AFP


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