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     Volume 4 Issue 29 | January 14, 2005 |

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On Campus

A department worth mention

"The purpose of a University is to bring the horse near the water and to make it thirst."

This may seem highly idealistic or the motto of a foreign university, but this is actually in reference to my own experiences in the past three years. I am a fourth year student of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Dhaka University. About a year ago, our department was referred to as a "Room without a view" in The Daily Star (July 21, 2003). I do not disagree, but I want to emphasise the fact that my department is a perfect room for cementing and fostering the bondage between teachers and students. Ours is a department enriched with some outstanding and extra-ordinarily talented teachers, many of whom are celebrated scientists at home and abroad. Despite their great reputation, they are very sincere, modest and friendly with their pupils and care for them very much. There exists a positive relationship of cooperation among teachers and students. We are like a family assembled to share and exchange our knowledge, thoughts, ideas and views. The teachers shine upon us the torch of knowledge and teach us to thirst for it. In Dhaka University, where unscheduled closures and session jams are a common phenomenon, our department strives to maintain excellence. Though we are the victims of the above, our department is doing its best to make up for the loss. Often classes and midterms are held on weekends and special exam schedules have been set. The credit goes to the faculty of the department. I feel extremely lucky and proud to be a student of this department and hope we will be successful in our endeavours.

Tania Rahman Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Dhaka

A Victimised Student

I am a student of HIA College. We have a uniform for that everyone has to wear. A second year student was too poor to buy the uniform. Except for the principal, all the teachers understood this. The student would come to school by leaping over the boundary wall in order to avoid the principal. A few days ago, the principal saw him without his uniform. Instead of helping him to buy one, he told him to get out of the college. The students did not protest because of the principal's political power. But the principal has ruined the boy's life because he gave up his studies from the shame of this experience.


A Shame!

Shefali, a 10-year-old girl, sells chocolates and flowers on campus. On several mornings I've seen her collecting empty Phensidyl bottles and drinking the last remaining drops with relish. When I asked her why she does this, she said she could do anything and everything for a bottle of Phensidyl. I tried to discourage her but she just laughed at my concern and left. It is terrible that the campus we are so proud of has an environment where a child becomes a drug addict. Can we not expect a cleaner and healthier atmosphere on campus?

Nahid Kaiser Toma Department of English, University of Dhaka

Hopes for a Brighter, Better Bangladesh

We have been learning English at school for as long as we have been learning Bangla but it's still very difficult for us to speak English. This is because of our surroundings. There isn't anyone to speak to outside of our curriculum. Nobody encourages us to speak English. It is because of this that we are behind our neighbouring countries. I think that people should stop waiting to get enrolled in spoken English courses and start speaking among friends and classmates. This is the only way to overcome English phobia. Of course we will make mistakes. If necessary, teachers may be consulted to help. This will help us to be more.

Niloy Chaklader Foundation Course, ICAB

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