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   Volume 9 Issue 9 | February 26, 2010|

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Star Diary

Deadly Road Accident
Two weeks ago, I was out doing some official work when I saw a terrible accident in the street. A bus had hit a woman and her child, injuring the woman severely and killing the child on the spot. She was crying and begging for help while the pedestrians looked on. This is almost a daily occurrence in our city. The traffic situation is getting worse by the day and hardly anyone abides by the traffic rules anymore. The government should look into this matter before the situation gets out of control.
Subbir Ahmed

The Spitting Incident
On my way back from school, while we were stuck in traffic I noticed a man leaning out of a bus window and spitting out betel juice, which landed on an unfortunate man wearing a white shirt on a rickshaw right next to the bus. The man on the rickshaw was bewildered at first and by the time he realised what had happened and started to get worked up over it, the bus had pulled away. The situation was extremely funny and disturbing at the same time. The passers-by seemed to be entertained by what they had seen. The rest of the way home I wondered if people in our country would ever learn their manners.
Naveed Shadman Ahmed
Ananda Niketon School

Fooling the Innocent
Last month when I went to visit a friend of mine in Banani, I noticed on the way that a small crowd had gathered around a couple of men. One of them had a microphone in his hand and was advertising a 'facial cream' they were selling which they claimed could vanish any sort of facial spots and they were also taking volunteers from the crowd to demonstrate this. Interested, I walked towards the crowd and was surprised to see that a guy from the crowd volunteered and all his spots actually vanished. Last week I saw the same group of people in New Market and the scene was same, again I decided to take a look and I was shocked to see very same group using the same person who had volunteered the last time. It really upsets me to think that the authorities of our country are letting people like this get away with stunts designed to fool the general public.
Rahim Abu Ali Sajwani
North South University

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