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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 3 | Issue 26 | July 03, 2011 |


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Through the Lens

From Bunkers to Adventurers

Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Be it after class or in between classes, students these days have so much scope to explore other territories. Some float in the tunes they pick up on their guitars while others join them in humming to the procreated melody. Spending time playing table tennis and carrom is also a common sight for many students. Alongside, on a rainy day, nostalgia seems to knock on the doors of the hearts of many students-- a pleasure which is cherished by many. Apart from the romantics and indoor-games enthusiasts, nerds love taking their studies outdoors, showing the world how intellectual they are. Laughter, on the other hand, is the best medicine which can be seen in every corner of campus life, even if a student isn't particularly busy with anything, they are simply found chatting in some corner or laughing their hearts out!

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