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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 26 | July 03, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

White Lie

Back in class VIII, we had a form master whose extraordinary over care would peeve us all. The only way to escape his scrutinising glare was to pretend to be "super studious" through white lies, covering lies and many more sorts of other lies. When the scholarship exam was knocking at the door, every night he used to call all the students of the form, one by one, to ask whether he/she was solving any question paper. One night, when he called me to ask the same pet question, I closed my eyes tightly & replied, "Of course sir, I s.s..solved a Bangla question paper tonight". God knows why I stammered half way through my response revealing the lie instantly. Then, to my dismay, I heard a deep sigh from the other end of the phone. After a long pause, my teacher said, "Ok, submit the copy tomorrow ". My jaws dropped, and I was too dumbfounded. I had to write for hours to prepare my copy. And when I had finished, it was 1:30 am. It was one of the repeated routine experiences of those days.

Sigma Walin
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka

Pushing the new kid!

It all started in kindergarten. On a nice sunny day we all were roaming around in the school campus, some of us were playing and few were just trying to hide their food from me. On the other hand, I was in a very dull mood that day so I decided not to bully around and just relax somewhere peaceful. I went to my private lounge - the balcony. It was as though it was my very own territory where I could just sit alone and think. I was 6 back then, so all kinds of thoughts would go through my head. On that same day a new kid joined the school and sadly he knew very less about the class 'BOSS'. Wandering around the school, he decided to enter my territory. He came in like he didn't care who I was and looked down from the balcony and even before he could turn around I pushed him down. Later on my mom was called to come and pick me up. That was probably the last of my bullying days. And if you are thinking the kid's life was in grave danger, I would like to assure you it was nothing of that sort Our school was only a one storied building.

Saad Kabir
Golden Eagle, Dhaka

Going for the record!

Shaheen school students were and still are very big cricket enthusiasts. When I was a student I had my share of 'cricketing craze'. Playing cricket was like an excuse we never got bored of giving. There were times when we bunked our half yearly exams with the excuse of practicing for a school tournament. We had a record of bunking all the classes except one. It was the English class-- there were no excuses in the world that would satisfy our English teacher. So one day we decided to give it a shot and bunk her class. It all went really well for the first 40 minutes with the last 5 minute remaining. So we were only 5 minutes away from our new record of hiding in different places. Our last destination was behind the wall of a school toilet where we were sitting down and waiting for the bell to ring. cWe were waiting for one minute to pass when out of nowhere, a friend started screaming. When we looked at him we saw the teacher pulling him by his ear. Little did we know that we were hiding behind the teachers' toilet where our English teacher happened to be. A week of detention was the punishment afterwards.

Rahik Rubayet Ornob
BAF Shaheen,Dhaka

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