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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 33 | August 18, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Proving the World Wrong!

Guitarist Sheikh Salekin
Talks to
Salman Rob

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I was a student of Dhaka Residential Model College. I finished my SSC (Secondary School Certificate exams) there. Later on I did my HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate exams) at Notre Dame. My school days were a lot of fun. I had a lot of friends and we were always up for something new to try out. I remember when I was in school we had an extra-curriculum class, once a week, which everyone hated. Gradually I started hating it as well and would always plan on how to skip that period. Once, a few of my friends and I tried bunking that period and got caught. The punishment was pretty embarrassing-- we all had to kneel down inside the auditorium in front of all the other students!

I do have many favorite moments -- one of them being 'Alu Mama', he used to sell potatoes right in front of our school. We sometimes had potato burgers -- pickles stuffed inside two thick slices of boiled potatoes.

School days were always crazy for me, I met people and learned things that I can never forget. One such personality is my English teacher, Mr Mujibur Rahman, whom I met in grade five. He had a huge impact in my life. He was the first teacher I saw who used to interpret English with all other contemporary subjects and make it so much interesting. He, gradually, became a big influence in my life.

My college (Classes 11 and 12) days for me were actually all about 'not' studying. To be really honest, I didn't study at all during my finals and would rather go to the movies or hangout with friends. Even after I joined Ahsanullah University from where I graduated in Electrical Engineering, I remember flunking my first few semesters until a couple of friends mocked me. Just to prove to them that I was smarter, I started acing my exams and, in a matter of days, started becoming the 'first boy' in class. Life changed inside university right then-- more friends started happening-- because I was a good student.

Speaking of music, I would say I am a guitarist who is still learning. Music is vast and if you love it, all you can do is learn and learn. There isn't any end to the music scene. You teach something amazing today but, you never know, you might learn something crazier tomorrow. I have been playing for a while now, and I got serious about my music after I graduated from Ahsanullah University in 2007. Now I am playing for two bands, Lalon and 12 am The bands belong to two different genres and the members are all equally talented. Currently, I am working with Lalon on few tracks and maybe we will start working on a video album.

12 am is a very conservative band. Influenced by The Beatles, we try to pick specific shows where the music will be appreciated.

Young musicians must go on learning and sharing music everyday. They should generate new ideas and implement them in a unique manner. Making a difference and creating something fresh -- that should be the motto for the youth.

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