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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 33 | August 18, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

The Scotch-Tape Comedy


When I was in class eight, we used to sit roll wise. Two of my friends, Maisha Bint Salam and Maisha Sajida Chowdhury, sat next to each other according to their roll numbers. One day, during our English class, they were talking a lot. Our teacher asked them to stop. But they didn't pay any attention to her. They continued talking to each other, ignoring the teachers comment. Our teacher warned them again and said if they talked one more time she would tape their mouths. And again, they didn't listen. They kept going until our teacher took a roll of scotch-tape and a pair of scissors out of our first aid box and she really ended up taping their mouths shut! Both of them had to sit for a while with scotch-tape on their mouths. It was one of the most hilarious things I had ever seen!

Tasneem Islam
Viqarunnisa Noon School, Dhaka.

The Broken Heel


My mother's friend invited me and my mother to her house for something called a "Kitty Party". It was so boring and annoying because all I saw were aunties bragging about how intelligent their daughters were and how their husbands bought them expensive shoes and ornaments. All of a sudden, I saw two women pointing out an expensively designed pair of heeled shoes. One of the aunties was fat and pot bellied. I saw the her walking towards the shoe to try them on. As she put her foot in one of them, the heel of the shoe broke due to her weight. I could not understand if I should laugh or just stay still. The two aunties then walked out of the scenery and sat on a sofa acting as if they knew nothing. When the owner of the shoes saw the condition of her expensive pair she kept crying out saying, "Oh my 5000 taka heel! Someone ruined it!"After returning home, I told my mother the whole incident and we both laughed as hard as we could.

Syeda Rabab Alam
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka.

My Sweet Enemy


My enemy was none other than my own younger brother, Bijoy, who was a very brilliant student and also my class mate. That was the very reason I considered him my arch enemy. One morning, hearing a bad news that Bijoy got his leg broken, I became very happy, though I tried my best to pretend to be sad. The main cause of my happiness was that I could get a chance of bunking school for a couple of days and there was no one to tell on me. I spent a long time bunking school and had the best time doing it until my second terminal results were published. I failed in three to four subjects. The level of scolding I got from my parents was a lot more than I had anticipated and they finally realised why I got such bad grades. That day I realised that the only reason I ever worked hard at school and got good grades was because of my brother since he was my competitor. He was not my enemy, rather a good friend who challenged me. It seemed that I failed only because of his accident!

Md Shahreza Biplob
Alikadam Government High School, Bandarban.

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